Are you considering studying Maths at university? Do you want to find out more information about what courses at different institutions are like, to find out which might be best for you?

We know that the content of courses can vary quite a lot between different universities, so we want to help you access real-life student experiences, so you can make the right decisions about your future!

Here’s Eliza, a recent graduate taking you through what it’s like to study Maths at the University of Oxford, the options she had, and the time she had to devote to extra-curriculars – as well as fighting common stereotypes of Maths students!



Eliza Casapopol has just graduated from a four-year Maths degree at the University of Oxford.

Outside of her degree she was involved in running a number of societies, and launching two new festivals celebrating Maths and Science, both in Oxford and her home country of Romania, as well as finding time to enjoy salsa dancing!

Eliza also worked for OSA as an Activities Coordinator in 2016, and again as a Senior Activities Coordinator in 2018.