Get a clearer picture of the future

The pressure to find the “perfect” career is real, but it can take the fun out of discovering what you want to do with your life. At Oxford Scholastica, we give you plenty of opportunities to explore what your future could look like — and gain the skills to be successful at whatever you pursue.
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Meet new role models

What better way to learn about a career than to talk to someone who’s living it? Our Heroes programme invites students to meet young professionals in their field of study, who share insights about their career decisions and pathway to success.

Test-drive career options

Perhaps you want to know more about what different types of law you could study, or how your concern for climate change fits into your interest to start a business. Find answers and see all the possibilities that lie ahead.

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Become part of a global knowledge network

Your career exploration doesn’t stop when you leave — as part of our alumni community, you’ll always have someone to talk to if you have questions or ideas. And our ongoing blog series and magazine help support Oxford Scholastica alumni as they pursue their goals.

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