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Explore a subject, discover a career and prepare for your future success with our live online summer school programmes for teenagers.

Join our online programmes to succeed at school, in your university applications, and beyond.

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What are the Benefits of an
Online Summer School Programme?

An online summer school is an opportunity to accelerate your personal and academic growth.

By embracing a flexible and innovative learning experience, you’ll leave your online summer school feeling more prepared for success in university and your wider career.

Join an Oxford Scholastica online summer programme to:

  • Learn from world-class tutors
  • Interact with students from all over the world
  • Gain real-world experience through internships and interactive projects
  • Prepare for university applications with tailored support
  • Develop the mindset you’ll need for success


How Does Our Online Summer School Work?

For students aged 12-14

Our online summer school for 12-14 year olds is designed to inspire your curiosity and ignite your academic passions.

Online Courses

Students between ages 12 and 14 can engage with a range of online summer school courses including Business, Medicine, Politics & Debate, and Technology & Coding. Each course is designed to foster curiosity and build a solid foundation of knowledge in the respective subject.

For students aged 15-18

Whether you’re looking to explore a new subject for the first time, or learn more about a field you’re already passionate about, we offer a wide range of online summer school programmes for teenagers.

Online Courses

Teenagers aged 15-18 can explore a range of subjects, from Architecture and Medicine to Coding and Law. Small class sizes allow tutors to cater to both foundational learning and deeper subject exploration for university and career preparation.

Online Internships

Our range of internships for teenagers are designed to offer you real-world work experience and mentorship in your field of interest. We offer both academic research internships and work experience internships for high school students aged 15-18.

Online Conferences

Virtual conferences and events give students aged 15-18 an opportunity to follow cutting edge developments and hot topics in fields such as Business and Medicine. Participate in real-life simulations and receive guidance for university applications.

Online Summer School 2024 Programmes

An overview of our virtual summer school curriculum for students.
Students learning and studying on zoom online oxford summer courses

Online Summer Courses

Our online summer courses combine university-style teaching with project-based challenges and debates. Small classes (with a maximum of 15 students) and expert tutors help you gain mastery of your subject area, whether you’ve studied it before or are exploring it for the first time.

Virtual Internships

Our online internships are offered across a range of industries, from medicine to law to business – and more. Gain real-life work experience, develop your CV and prepare for success in your chosen field.

Students studying and learning online on zoom for the Oxford Online Summer School
Tutor teaching students online on zoom for the Oxford Online Summer School

Online Conferences

Our one-day Online Conferences offer you the chance to explore cutting-edge topics in your chosen subject, interact with experts, and get ahead in the college and university admissions process.

Online summer school teaching philosophy

We believe that learning virtually should be interactive and fun, and this belief fuels our approach to teaching. As a student on one of our online courses you’ll:

Take part in our engaging online courses and expert-led Masterclasses.


Meet inspirational Heroes and see what your future could look like.


Apply what you’ve learned on the course in fun, hands-on challenges.

Oxford Scholastica Online Summer Course Subjects

Online Middle School Summer Courses (ages 12-14)

Online High School Summer Courses (ages 15-18)

FAQs about our Online Summer School

How much does the Oxford Scholastica online summer school cost?
We offer both one-week and two-week online summer school options, so you can choose the dates that suit you best.

The fees for our online courses are £595 for one week (or £995 for two weeks) and include:

  • Daily live small-group tutorials with your tutor, with 10 hours of live contact time each week
  • The opportunity to learn from an inspirational tutor from Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities
  • Data-led, personalised support and recommendations for your next steps in the subject
  • Skills-based Masterclasses with subject and industry experts to give you the edge for your future
  • All relevant study materials
  • Weekly socials with students from other subjects
  • A Letter of Recommendation (for students who meet our criteria) – an invaluable asset for future university and internship or work experience applications
  • A Certificate of Achievement – an excellent example of proven interest in a subject when it comes to university and college applications


Who can attend the online summer school?

Our online summer courses run for two age groups: 12-14 year olds, and 15-18 year olds. We’re always keen to welcome students who have a genuine interest in the subject that they would like to pursue, and who will be engaged, curious, active members of the group.

We don’t have any academic prerequisites, outside of a functional level of English language, as many of our students have never been exposed to their chosen subject before; instead we look for motivation and mindset. Students are required to submit a brief personal statement alongside their application, and our Head of Student Experience will be in touch if we require any further clarification.

What’s the difference between in-person summer schools and online summer schools?

Our in-person Oxford summer courses and our online summer courses have been developed separately, to ensure students have the best possible experience no matter how they choose to join us.

Our online programmes focus primarily on subject-specific academics, with two short socials per week, and two masterclasses to complement your regular classes. You’ll have two hours of class per day, and will be expected to complete two hours of independent work outside of class, but the rest of the day is yours. These courses are also not residential, so you can complete them from wherever you are in the world.

By contrast, our in-person Oxford Summer School is a full, residential cultural experience, as well as rigorous academic programme. Students join us for two or four weeks, stay in university student accommodation, and take part in day trips, traditional activities from punting to brunch at Corpus Christi College, and much more. Students still have two hours of class per day, and two hours of independent study, and also take part in a six hour academic challenge on their first Friday with us.

Many students choose to join us both online and in person in Oxford. We’d be happy to discuss which type of programme might be the best fit for you – please contact us.

Why should you choose Oxford Scholastica for an online summer school?
We’re unique amongst other online summer schools in that we have a threefold teaching philosophy called “Learn, See and Do”:

  • Learn: our students learn in the classroom and in our skills-based Masterclasses (covering topics such as Resilience, Debating, Social Impact and more)
  • See: our students get to study alongside tutors who are working and studying to high levels in the field they’re interested in pursuing, enabling them to see what their future could look like in a few years
  • Do: our online classes are designed to be as interactive as possible in all subjects, whether that’s examining real x-rays in Medicine or taking part in moot courts in Law

In other words, our courses tend to be a bit more hands-on and inspirational than many other programmes.

How many online courses can students register for?

There isn’t an upper limit, and many of our students return to explore different subjects in subsequent online courses, or explore particular areas of interest in our research internships. Our online courses are usually scheduled at the same time, so students can take subsequent courses, but would not be able to attend more than one online course at once.

Internships take place over the weekends, so it is possible to take a course and an internship concurrently, but students should be aware that both programmes have independent study commitments, so they should make sure they have enough free time throughout the week to complete this to a high standard for both.

Can you study online from anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! The only thing you need to join our online courses is a stable internet connection and a quiet space that allows you to focus and contribute without distractions or disturbance.

Our courses are very interactive, so you’ll need to make sure you can turn your camera on and unmute your microphone – this will allow you to make the most of the course.

It’s also worth checking that the timings match your time zone and existing commitments, but we have had students successfully join us from just about every time zone for our online courses.

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