COVID-19 Information

We have put together this page to answer any questions parents and students might have about attending the Oxford Scholastica Academy on our 2021 Oxford summer school during COVID-19.

The Oxford Scholastica Academy was one of the only UK summer schools to welcome students to attend in 2020. We have received “Good to Go” accreditation (Visit England’s industry standard), confirming that we adhere to government and industry COVID-19 guidelines to keep students safe and well – you can view our certificate here.

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Our Experience

We are happy to say that our 2020 summer programme was successful and COVID-secure, with no students, staff or tutors getting COVID-19 or having to self-isolate. You can see some photos above of the experience.

Having gained the experience of running our courses during COVID-19 in 2020, and with the rollout of the vaccine starting, we are looking forward to running our 2021 programme with optimism.

Further Information

This page contains the latest information, including:

  • The fact that Oxford Scholastica is open for bookings
  • The flexibility we offer on cancellations or changes
  • Information about Oxford Scholastica Online, our virtual summer school option

One of the reasons students choose to come to Oxford is that the city is famous for its academia and research. Oxford is a centre for medical research, led by pioneering medical companies and university researchers. For example, Oxford played a vital role in the development of penicillin in the 1940s. We are proud Oxford has been at the centre of COVID-19 research, with researchers successfully developing a vaccine.

Many students who attend the Oxford Scholastica Academy are inspired to work in fields of research to help push our understanding of medicine, science and innovation further. It’s through this work that countries and citizens are better protected against illness than ever before.


Is the Oxford Scholastica Academy open?

Yes – we are receiving bookings for summer 2021 and are looking forward to welcoming students. Many students have already secured their places, and some of our courses are getting close to being booked up.

Can I take an online course instead?

Yes, you can – we run a virtual summer school, Oxford Scholastica Online, which you can read more about here.

How well prepared is Oxford Scholastica?

Our students’ welfare is incredibly important to us, and our policies and procedures have been accredited by the British Accreditation Council, so when you book with us you can feel confident your child will have the highest level of care and support. Our students have access to medical care and support through our experienced Matrons, and the UK’s health system, including the National Health Service, is world-famous.

In addition to this, we have been accredited as “Good to Go”, Visit England’s Industry Standard, confirming Oxford Scholastica Academy conforms fully to government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, ensuring processes are in place to maintain cleanliness, aid social/physical distancing and comply with self-isolation requirements.

We were one of the only UK summer schools to run in summer 2020, and so our staff team have significant experience managing a summer school environment in a COVID-safe way.

What COVID-secure measures do you have in place?

Having successfully run our summer 2020 programme, we have experience of running a COVID-safe environment. In order to keep students safe, in 2020 our measures included (but weren’t limited to):

  • Single, en-suite bedrooms for all students in Oxford University bedrooms
  • Small class sizes
  • Free PPE (personal protective equipment) for students, including masks, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitisers in each room
  • Student temperature testing on arrival
  • Campus cleaning by trained Oxford University cleaners prior to arrival
  • Regular cleaning
  • Social distancing and mask wearing enforced by trained staff
  • Ventillation of classroom spaces
Can I change or cancel my booking?

Yes – for bookings made after 1st September 2020 we offer:

  • Free cancellations up until 1st April 2021
  • Free deferrals to future years until 1st May 2021 (if you would like to move your booking to summer 2022, you are welcome to do this if you let us know before 1st May 2021, and you will still benefit from the 2021 fees – rather than have to pay the 2022 fees)
  • Free postponements to another date in 2021 until 1st June 2021 (for example, if you are booked on our 4th July 2021 session you are welcome to change this to the 1st August 2021 session. You are also welcome to change course – so, for example, you could change from Engineering to Computer Science). This depends on availability but we will always do our best to help

There will be no charge to cancel, move or change your booking.

Will I share a bedroom?

Unlike many summer schools, all of our students will receive a single, ensuite room as a default, unless they request to share a room with a friend. Our buildings only hold a small number of students and are separated from the rest of the campus.


Student testimonials

This summer school has truly been a valuable and memorable experience for me. Not only did I broaden my knowledge on Technology but I’ve also developed my self-management and communication.


Discover Technology Academy, 2019
Student testimonials

My two weeks at Oxford Scholastica were two of the best weeks of my life. It was an amazing experience and I made some great friends that I know I will stay in touch with for a very long time.

Abdul Rahman

Experience Medicine Academy, 2019
Student testimonials

My son, Alexander, truly enjoyed his experience. He was academically and intellectually challenged while also making friends from around the world. We highly recommend this summer program.


Parent, Oxford Scholastica Academy
Student testimonials

Those two weeks at Oxford Scholastica were a really wonderful experience. I got the chance to explore what Law is really all about through this programme. Classes were very interesting and I loved how the tutor made the classes very interactive!


Experience Law Academy, 2017
Student testimonials

The Law course was challenging but extremely rewarding, as it assured me that it was the path I wanted to choose at university. The Oxford Scholastica community also leaves you with an excellent support network even after the summer school. Overall, the summer school was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone.


Experience Law Academy, 2019
Student testimonials

I absolutely loved my Oxford Scholastica experience! I definitely recommend it to anyone who either knows what they’re doing and want better preparation, or even students who have no idea who they want to be when they grow up! I was both at some point and Oxford Scholastica filled that gap for me. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!


Online Law course, 2021
Student testimonials

I attended the Oxford Scholastica Academy in 2018. And I can genuinely say it was the best summer of my life. Not only were we exposed to different subjects and courses but also so many different cultures and people. I hope I can go back!


Discover Business Academy, 2018
Student testimonials

Two of my children have now attended this course. It gave them the confidence to surge ahead in life with a purpose and confidence that is so essential. One of the best decisions I made for my children and their futures is to have sent them to the Oxford Scholastica Academy. 


Parent, Oxford Scholastica Academy
Student testimonials

The friendships I made will last me a lifetime. Oxford Scholastica taught me many life lessons that I will keep with me until I die. 


Experience Business & Enterprise Academy, 2017
Student testimonials

I’ve never done anything like this; Oxford Scholastica has exceeded my expectations and I am glad to have made valuable memories with it, which I will cherish forever!


Experience Business & Enterprise Academy, 2018
Student testimonials

Oxford Scholastica has had a profound impact on my skills as a debater and student and is an experience I’d recommend to anyone looking for an educational, engaging summer adventure.


Experience Debate & Public Speaking Academy, 2018
Student testimonials

For the second year in a row my daughter had an unforgettable summer break in the magical setting of Oxford! A fascinating course with an untold amount of fun things to do. Oxford Scholastica has undoubtedly been one of the best experiences my daughter has ever had.


Parent, Oxford Scholastica Academy, 2020

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