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Drawing on the Oxford Scholastica Academy’s years of experience running world-class summer schools, our online courses combine Oxford’s spirit of excellence with the very best in future-focused learning. We run courses for two age groups: 12-14 and 15-18.

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Subjects offered

Our online courses enable students from all over the world to master their subject, gain clarity about their future, and prepare for a changing world — all while experiencing the inspirational and rigorous teaching for which Oxford is famed.

During your course, you’ll work with your tutor and a small group of students to learn about your subject through discussion, research, group work and debates.

Here are the courses we offer:

Ages 12-14



 Politics & Debate


Ages 15-18

Business & Enterprise

Computer Science & Coding
Creative Writing
International Relations, Politics & Debate
Psychology & Neuroscience

*The Oxford Scholastica Academy is accredited as a short course provider by the British Accreditation Council.

Online courses for ages 12-14

Online business course


Are you interested in learning about the world of business, or hoping to run a company yourself one day? This course will introduce you to important business concepts, help you learn about marketing and branding, and challenge you to take on the role of an entrepreneur to create a plan for your own business.

On this course, you’ll learn about:

  • The basics of economics
  • Marketing and branding
  • What makes a business successful
  • Persuasive pitching and public speaking



If you’re aged 12-14 and have an interest in Medicine, this course is for you! You’ll learn about human anatomy, the systems of the body and common diseases. With your classmates and your tutor, you’ll discuss what makes a great doctor and how to talk sensitively to patients. Finally, you’ll get to meet some real patients, learn about their medical history and their symptoms, and try to diagnose their conditions!

On this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Human Anatomy
  • The Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems
  • Taking a Medical History
  • Common Diseases and Symptoms
Medicine summer course for teens
Politics debate course

Politics & Debate

Do you have an interest in the news, current affairs and the world around you? This course is for 12-14 year olds who want to learn about politics, international relations, and systems of government. Along the way, you’ll practise your debating skills, writing speeches and debating with your peers about political ideas that interest you. You’ll leave the course with more confidence in your public speaking abilities and with a greater understanding of government and politics.

On this course, you’ll:

  • Practise debating and public speaking
  • Learn about key ideas in political theory
  • Understand how countries work together in international organisations
  • Be “Prime Minister for a day” and make a plan for tackling issues you care about


On this exciting course, you’ll be introduced to some of the most important concepts in Engineering and Computer Science — and you’ll learn how to build your own website! With your tutor and classmates, you’ll also explore how the practical applications of Maths and Physics work in the real world.

On this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Electronics
  • Photonic systems (the science of light)
  • Coding in HTML and CSS
  • How to build your own website
online technology course

Online courses for ages 15-18

online business economics course

Business & Economics

Do you want to know more about how businesses operate, or do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur one day? Led by an expert tutor, this course teaches you key economic concepts and gives you an insider’s view of running a business — all while letting you apply your skills and knowledge to tackle real-life business problems.

On this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Key economic concepts such as supply and demand
  • Economic theory
  • Undergraduate-level business concepts, such as marketing and business strategy
  • How to apply theory to case studies

Computer Science & Coding

Interested in learning code? Python is widely regarded as an excellent first language to learn. This course will help you develop a functional level of ability in programming in Python, supported by independent coding projects. To further your knowledge, you’ll look more deeply at technical and practical topics in Computer Science.

On this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Programming in Python
  • Building a website
  • The history and future of computing
  • The applications and potential of Artificial Intelligence
online course coding computer science
online creative writing course

Creative Writing

Do you enjoy reading, writing and using language to express yourself? This course will show you how to write for different audiences and in a variety of genres while analysing works that have stood the test of time. You’ll also learn how to create engaging content for online platforms and develop your own unique voice.

On this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Learn about different genres and styles of writing, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and online content creation
  • Dive into your favourite texts to find out what it is that makes them so compelling
  • Practise building fictional worlds, characters and dialogues
  • Develop your own personal writing projects, with feedback from your tutor and peers



Does the world of engineering spark your interest? Guided by an expert tutor, you’ll explore key introductory engineering topics and work together to design your own models. You’ll learn how to apply Mathematics and Physics to solve problems, and learn how to stand out in future university applications. You’ll also get to participate in a Q&A with a software engineer.

On this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Maths for engineers
  • Material efficiencies and construction
  • HTML for building websites
  • Building a tower from limited materials – and then building a website to advertise it!
online politics course

International Relations, Politics & Debate

What does it take to negotiate the greatest challenges facing our world – from COVID-19 to poverty to climate change? What role do governments, international organisations and activists play? On this course, you’ll debate key issues, such as what you, your country and the global community can do to prevent and respond to catastrophes.

To further develop your debating and public speaking skills, you’ll discuss:

  • International Law and Organisations, such as the UN, NATO and the WHO
  • Political theory
  • Diplomacy and crisis management
  • Revolutions and political change



Are you interested in learning about the law, or considering a career as a lawyer? Explore legal concepts and develop your debating skills, then use your knowledge, public speaking, and problem-solving abilities to tackle real-world legal projects. Talk to a barrister about what the profession is really like, and prepare to submit compelling applications to your future chosen universities.

On this course, you’ll cover:

  • Philosophy and history of the law
  • Types of law: Criminal, public and corporate law
  • Human rights law
  • A mock trial
online law course
online medicine course


Are you keen to expand your knowledge of what medicine is really like and prepare for life as a potential medical student? Working individually and in small groups, you’ll learn about the practical and theoretical aspects of medicine, and the most important systems of the body. You’ll also get to meet a psychiatric patient, take their medical history, and attempt to diagnose their symptoms — an experience that will help you stand out on future medical school applications.

On this course, you’ll cover:

  • Systems of the body, including the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • The brain and the mind, including psychiatric disorders
  • Medical ethics: is there a moral difference between withdrawing and withholding treatment?
  • A personal research project, which you’ll present to your peers


Psychology & Neuroscience

Are you fascinated by the human mind, behaviour and relationships? Do you ask questions like, “What makes a person who they are?” This course will introduce you to key concepts, such as attachment theory, love, language and personality. You’ll also design and carry out a personal research experiment, write up your findings in a paper, and present to your peers.

On this course, you’ll cover:

  • Love and attachment
  • Memory and intelligence
  • Language and thought
  • Imaging the brain


online psychology neuroscience course
Please note that course content is subject to change. Tutors will aim where possible to take students’ particular areas of interest into account.


Masterclasses are skills-based workshops you attend alongside your course of choice. Led by tutors with expertise on a specific topic, or by external speakers, these workshops are designed to bring out the best in students, present diverse perspectives, and help you truly achieve your potential. Click below to discover some of the Masterclasses you could experience.

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Dates & Prices

Length Start Date End Date Price Next Step
One Week (two hours a day) 29th March 2021 2nd April 2021 £595 Reserve
One Week (four hours a day) 29th March 2021 2nd April 2021 £995 Reserve
One Week (two hours a day) 5th April 2021 9th April 2021 £595 Reserve
One Week (four hours a day) 5th April 2021 9th April 2021 £995 Reserve
Two Weeks 7th June 2021 18th June 2021 £995 Reserve
Two Weeks 21st June 2021 2nd July 2021 £995 Reserve
Two Weeks 5th July 2021 16th July 2021 £995 Reserve
Two Weeks 19th July 2021 30th July 2021 £995 Reserve
Two Weeks 2nd August 2021 13th August 2021 £995 Reserve
Two Weeks 16th August 2021 27th August 2021 £995 Reserve

Our teaching philosophy

We believe that learning should be interactive and fun, and this belief fuels our approach to teaching. As a student on one of our courses you’ll:

Take part in our engaging courses and expert-led Masterclasses.


Meet inspirational Heroes and see what your future could look like.


Apply what you’ve learned on the course in fun, hands-on challenges.

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