Find your place

What does success actually mean to you? At Oxford Scholastica, we’re passionate about self-exploration and helping you find your purpose.

We believe that students who know what they want (and why they want it) are more likely to build happy, successful careers.

Sunset over Oxford city
Group of Oxford Scholastica students smiling and enjoying themselves

Learn more about yourself

There’s no doubt about it: life experience helps you grow. Meeting new people, exploring new places, finding new interests and living away from home — it’s amazing how much you’ll discover about yourself and the world in two weeks at Oxford Scholastica, and how much you’ll be able to take back with you.

Strengthen your mindset

Oxford has inspired some of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and pioneers. We took that inspiration to ensure our programme helps you tackle challenges in a changing world and sets you up for greater positivity, resilience and success.

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Three Oxford Scholastica students smiling

Make supportive connections for life

After you attend our summer programme, you become part of a global community that continues to support each other. Whether it’s visiting new friends in their home countries, working on cross-cultural projects, or video chatting about your future choices, you’ll have a lasting connection.

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