Masterclasses: Get ready to sharpen your skills

Masterclasses are skills-based workshops you can attend alongside your course of choice. These workshops are designed to bring out the best in students, present diverse perspectives, and help you truly achieve your potential – view a selection below.

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Debating & Public Speaking

Public speaking is a must-have skill. You’ll learn about the different styles of debating, from British Parliamentary Style to the more light-hearted Balloon Debate (where every participant plays a fictional character trapped on a sinking hot air balloon). If you are attending our Oxford summer school, the Masterclass takes place in the Oxford Union, a once-in-a-lifetime venue that’s hosted Winston Churchill, the Dalai Lama, and Kanye West.

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University Applications

Lots of our students are thinking about applying to university in the UK. Supported by our expert Tutors, learn how to fulfil your potential when penning your university application and personal statement, and get an edge when it comes time to apply to your dream university. You can read more about some of our alumni, and their university destinations, here.

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Career Applications

Learn how to put together a CV and cover letter that will make you stand out from the crowd when applying for internships and jobs. You’ll also learn how to use LinkedIn to build a personal brand, and how to thrive at job interviews, so you can confidently navigate the job search.

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Social Impact Conference

Meet people from Oxford’s buzzing charity sector, as well as social entrepreneurs with purpose-led businesses. You’ll hear why they’ve chosen to work in the not-for-profit world and how they’re making a difference in their communities. You’ll even get a chance to help them come up with solutions to the unique challenges they face in their work.

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Dialogue & Listening

At Oxford Scholastica, you have a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world — people who may see things very differently to you. Practise the crucial skill of active listening and learn how to defuse tension in a conversation, so that both sides can truly be heard. This is an incredibly important life skill, for many different careers (and in day-to-day life!).

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Find out how to think critically and make decisions more confidently in a world filled with conflicting information and fake news. You’ll learn about the habit of “anchoring” and different types of bias (such as confirmation bias and availability bias), then you’ll find out how to recognize and take action when these biases affect your decision-making abilities.

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Moral Choice and Human Psychology

How do we know right from wrong? How are we affected subconsciously by peer pressure and propaganda? This class is taught by Mitch Artman, a clinical therapist who uses Freud’s ideas of the id, ego, and superego to unpack why we believe what we believe and how we make moral choices.

close up model of a human brain cross section

Brain Training

Taught by international Mind Sports champion Daniel Timms, this class teaches you how to train your brain for optimum performance and fun. You’ll learn how to remember facts and numbers better, as well as how to perform cool mind tricks, like how to calculate the day of the week from any date in history.

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