Oxford Technology Summer School

Take your exploration of technology to the next level. Join our Technology Summer School in Oxford, or online, to experience what studying technology is like, and develop the confidence and knowledge to put you ahead of the curve – in preparation for university and beyond.

Oxford Scholastica student studying Technology in the Oxford Summer School

Get excited about technology

Imagine spending your summer in the world-famous city of Oxford, getting hands on with technology and learning how things work. The term ‘technology’ covers a broad range of subjects, and at Oxford Scholastica our Oxford technology summer programmes focus on two particular areas: engineering, and computer science and coding.

Learn from world-class technology tutors

You’ll get to put your knowledge and skills into practice with a practical challenge, such as designing and launching a rocket, coding a website or building an engine.

Be inspired

You’ll meet people who have built successful careers in technology-related areas such as computing or engineering, and you’ll have the chance to ask them questions and find out what it’s really like to work in these exciting fields. You’ll study with ambitious students from all over the world.

Get the OSA experience

By the end of your course, you’ll have a much clearer idea of whether a technology-related subject is the right direction for you – and you’ll achieve all of this while enjoying everything that the magical city of Oxford has to offer.

Browse our Oxford Summer Technology Courses

Our summer technology courses are two weeks long and are held on the famous Oxford University campus. Whether you’ve studied aspects of the subject before, or are totally new to it, our Technology Summer School offers a perfect course to suit your needs.

Oxford Scholastica student studying Technology at the Oxford Summer School
In Oxford | 12-14 Year Olds

Discover Technology

Are you fascinated by rockets and robots? Do you love playing with computers? On this technology summer course, you’ll learn how websites are built using different coding languages, design a rocket using practical applications of maths and physics, and build your own hydraulics system.
In Oxford | 15-18 Year Olds

Experience Engineering

If you love understanding how things work and exploring individual components of machines and structures, there’s a good chance you’re considering engineering as an area of study. On this engineering summer course, you’ll explore the differences between mechanical, civil and electrical engineering — and build your very own engine.
Oxford Scholastica students studying Engineering at the Oxford Summer School
Oxford Scholastica student studying Computer Science & Coding at Oxford Summer School
In Oxford | 15-18 Year Olds

Experience Computer Science & Coding

If you’re fascinated by computers and information technology, this computer science summer course is a great option. You’ll develop your knowledge of programming languages and put your skills to the test by designing a website. You’ll also learn about the development of computing throughout history and explore the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Browse our Online Technology Courses

Drawing on the Oxford Scholastica Academy’s years of experience of running world-class summer schools, our online technology courses combine the city of Oxford’s spirit of excellence with the very best in future-focused learning.

Oxford Scholastica student studying Computer Science & Coding for Oxford Summer School

Online Courses | 12-14 Year Olds


On this exciting course, you’ll be introduced to some of the most important concepts in Engineering and Engineering — and you’ll learn how to build your own website! With your tutor and classmates, you’ll also explore how the practical applications of Maths and Physics work in the real world.

On this course, you’ll explore:

  • Electronics
  • Photonic systems (the science of light)
  • Coding in HTML and CSS
  • How to build your own website

Online Courses | 15-18 Year Olds

Computer Science & Coding

Interested in learning to code? Python is widely regarded as an excellent first language to learn. This course will help you develop a functional level of ability in programming in Python, supported by independent coding projects. To further your knowledge, you’ll look more deeply at technical and practical topics in Computer Science.

On this course, you’ll cover:

  • Programming in Python
  • Building a website
  • The history and future of computing
  • The applications and potential of Artificial Intelligence
Oxford Scholastica Computer Science & Coding summer course for teens
Oxford Scholastica Engineering summer school for teenagers

Online Courses | 15-18 Year Olds


Does the world of engineering spark your interest? Guided by an expert tutor, you’ll explore key introductory engineering topics and work together to design your own models. You’ll learn how to apply Mathematics and Physics to solve problems, and learn how to stand out in future university applications. You’ll also get to participate in a Q&A with a software engineer.

On this course, you’ll cover:

  • Maths for engineers
  • Material efficiencies and construction
  • HTML for building websites
  • Building a tower from limited materials – and then building a website to advertise it!
Oxford Scholastica student studying for Online Engineering Internship for Oxford Summer School

Online Internships | 15-18 Year Olds

Engineering Internships

If you’re interested in Engineering or considering a career as an engineer in the future, a research Internship with Oxford Scholastica is an opportunity to explore the latest developments in Engineering and prepare for your future as an engineer.

Supported by your Mentor, an academic researcher in Engineering, you’ll work in a team of Engineering interns from around the world. You’ll undertake your own research on a cutting-edge topic in Engineering and technology, and together with your Mentor you’ll co-author a research paper for publication in an academic journal.

You’ll conclude the internship having gained impressive Engineering work experience, as well as a Letter of Recommendation.

Students from up to 85 different nationalities chose to experience our technology courses last year:
9 out of 10 said our technology summer courses were one of the most memorable summers of their life
9 out of 10 said that our high school summer technology courses gave them greater certainty about their future direction
94% of students said they had a greater certainty over their future academic and career choices

Why choose one of our Oxford Technology summer school programmes?

The Best Courses

We’ve designed our high school summer technology courses to stimulate, stretch and challenge you – regardless of your existing subject knowledge.


The Best People

Your technology course will be taught by tutors that are current or former students and faculty of world-class institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities.


Your Future Success

Our technology summer school is designed to help you discover, experience and prepare for a successful future personally, academically and professionally.

Be Inspired by Oxford

You’ll be taught technology in the city of Oxford, where many world-famous figures in the field began their own career journeys.

Technology Summer School Testimonials

It was perfect, from the tutors and friends I made, to the whole course itself. I would recommend Oxford Scholastica to all of you. You’ll have the best summer experience ever and you won’t regret it, I promise!


Headshot of Samantha, a technology student

Indonesia, Technology

Oxford Scholastica was very helpful for my daughter as it helped her to choose the subjects that she may want to take to university level. It was also a great boost for her confidence and motivation!


Oxford Scholastica logo


This course made me feel like I have the potential to have an exciting career in a field I love. By being exposed to my chosen career field, I gained confidence in my own ability to achieve my goals.


Headshot of Ariadne, an Oxford summer school technology student

Cyprus, Technology

What You’ll Get From Our Technology Courses

Whether you’re interested in exploring more about your subject, or are keen to pursue a technology-related course at university, this summer school is for you. You can expect:
  • Take part in hands-on challenges to get you thinking about computer science and engineering in a practical way, such as designing and launching a rocket or building an engine
  • Live and work like a real computer science or engineering student, enjoying first-class teaching from predominantly Oxbridge-educated staff
  • Meet people who are studying and working in technology-related fields and have the chance to quiz them on what it’s really like to pursue computer science, engineering or a similar area
  • Build an international network of fellow students and join our community of Oxford Scholastica Academy alumni
  • Be helped to decide whether you wish to pursue a technology-related subject at university, through our fully accredited technology course
  • Use practical challenges and classroom-based discussion to get you engaging with a variety of concepts at a level expected by universities
  • Gain an excellent understanding of your options when it comes to applying to universities and colleges to study a technology-related degree, and exposure to the issues likely to shape the future of computer science and engineering
  • Learn more about the huge number of options you have if you choose a career in computer science or engineering, including the different branches of engineering
  • On successful completion of your technology summer course, graduate in a formal Graduation Ceremony

Get an Authentic University Experience

We believe that learning should be interactive and fun, and this belief fuels our approach to teaching. As a student on one of our courses you’ll:
College-style teaching

You’ll learn in small, dynamic classes just as you would at top UK universities. You’ll be taught by our first-class teaching faculty thereby ensuring you have the very best technology summer school experience.

University-style independence

You’ll have the opportunity to study,  socialise and take part in legendary activities such as punting. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and make friends with ambitious students like you from all over the world.

Real-world skills
You’ll leave equipped with key skills for the future – like public speaking, how to prepare for your future career and how to bounce back from failure – thanks to our Masterclass programme.

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