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Want to know what your experience in Oxford will be like? View the timetable below to see you how your time will unfold.

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During your time at Oxford Scholastica, you’ll experience a packed schedule of academic, social and cultural activities.

Your academic studies will be the main focus of your time with us, but you’ll also have lots of time to explore Oxford, spend time with your new friends, and experience what life might be like as a university student.

See below for a sample timetable of what you could expect during a typical two-week programme.

Academic Activities

  • Classes & Study time: Every morning, you’ll have two hours of class time with your tutor and classmates. Your classes will be engaging, with lots of active participation, so be prepared to take part in discussions, collaborate with your peers, and contribute your ideas. After class, you’ll have two hours of study time to work on projects your Tutor sets you, which could range from preparing for the next day’s class, to writing an essay, to working on a group presentation. This is an important part of the course and – just like a university student – we’ll expect you to take responsibility for making sure you get your work done
  • Masterclasses: Masterclasses are skills-based sessions, during which you’ll develop the skills and mindset you need for success, no matter which field you’re interested in going into. Read more about our Masterclasses here
  • Challenge: Your Challenge afternoon is likely to be a highlight of the course for you! For many students, this is one of the most memorable elements of the programme. The Challenges are subject-specific, so your Challenge will depend on your chosen subject – select your course and read more about the Challenge you’ll take part in on our course page here
  • Hero Session: The Hero session is an opportunity to meet and chat with a young professional who is building a successful career in the field you’re interested in. For example, in the past Computer Science & Coding students have met a video game developer; Medicine students have met a surgeon; Creative Writing students have met a published poet. It’s an opportunity to hear about what a career in your chosen field is really like in practice, and to ask all your questions

Cultural Activities

  • Oxford Tour: On the first full day, we’ll take you on a tour of Oxford, to show you the sights – including the famous Radcliffe Camera and Bridge of Sighs – and we’ll also point out all the best places to go for lunch, coffee and ice cream (Oxford has a fantastic group of ice cream parlours called G&Ds!)
  • Punting: Punting is a traditional Oxford activity. In small groups, you’ll punt up and down a sheltered stretch of river on flat-bottomed boats (a bit like Venice’s gondolas). You don’t need to wear a swimming costume, as you won’t be jumping in!
  • Shakespeare Play: We’ll go to see a modern production of a classic Shakespeare play – in the past, we’ve seen productions of Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Twelfth Night
  • Windsor Trip: We’ll visit the historic Royal Borough of Windsor, where we’ll tour Windsor Castle – home of His Majesty the King
  • Blenheim Palace: We’ll also go on a trip to Blenheim Palace, near Oxford – a beautiful baroque palace which was the birthplace of Winston Churchill
  • Ceilidh: On the final night, we’ll celebrate with a traditional Ceilidh dance – we’ll have a live band and they’ll tell you exactly how to take part in the dances, so you don’t need to know how to do it! It’s fast-paced, a bit silly, and a lot of fun

Social Activities

  • Welcome and Icebreakers: On the first night, we’ll have a Welcome Barbecue, followed by some icebreaker games. These are relaxed, informal games and will help you to get to know your fellow participants on the summer school
  • International Ball: Held on the middle weekend, the International Ball is usually a highlight for students! We’ll have dinner, music and dancing on a boat sailing up and down the River Thames at sunset. Try to wear something representing your nationality if you can
  • Oxford’s Got Talent: Get ready to show off your skills – from singing to dancing to blueberry-eating, we’ve seen it all! Participation isn’t strictly mandatory, but we’d love to see what you can do, and the atmosphere is fun and supportive

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