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See what student life at Oxford is really like! During the summer school programme, you’ll stay in your own room in one of three University of Oxford college buildings. The accommodation will give you a taste of what university living is like while offering modern amenities and easy access to the city’s cafes, shops, and culture.

accommodation summer school
summer school accommodation

St George’s Gate

St George’s Gate is perched beside the Quaking Bridge, above the remains of a medieval wall. It’s adjacent to the historic Oxford Castle with an entrance courtyard and a lovely view of the Castle Mill Stream, part of the River Thames.

This residence is owned by St Peter’s College, one of the 38 colleges of Oxford University. St Peter’s was founded in 1928, with the aim of providing an Oxford education to around 40 bright students with limited funds.

Along with St Thomas’, St George’s Gate is one of the college’s annexe accommodations. It houses Oxford Scholastica students aged 14 to 18.

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St Thomas’

St Thomas’ is also owned by Oxford University’s St Peter’s College. St Peter’s is the youngest Oxford college within the old city boundaries, and has been referred to as “the laid-back teenager of the Oxford college family.”

Students at St Peter’s are known as “Peterites,” and their famous alumni include Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England; Edward Akufo-Addo, former President of Ghana; and Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry, creator of Thomas the Tank Engine!

St Thomas’ houses Oxford Scholastica students aged 14 to 18.

lampl building


The Lampl Building is an annexe of Corpus Christi College, one of the oldest Oxford University colleges, founded in 1517. One of their earliest members helped translate the King James Bible in 1611.

Like St Thomas’ and St George’s, Lampl is near to the famous Oxford Castle. Used in the English Civil War of the 17th century, the castle’s main function afterwards was as Oxford’s local prison. The prison was closed in 1996, and the castle buildings are now used as a trendy hotel!

Lampl houses Oxford Scholastica students aged 12 to 18.

Questions about our accommodation?

Oxford city centre

About annexe accommodation

During their first year, most Oxford students live on the main college site, while in their second and third years, many live in their college’s annexe accommodation around the city of Oxford. We offer this annexe accommodation for our students because it’s:


  • Safe, secure, and modern
    These buildings are where undergraduate and postgraduate Oxford University students stay during their term.
  • Private and family-style
    Students get to have their own spacious bedroom and en-suite bathroom, while living among fellow students.
  • Central
    Our accommodation is in the heart of the “city of dreaming spires,” near the Castle Quarter, a lively and thriving part of central Oxford.
Experience Independence

Boost your confidence and expand your comfort zone with a taste of independence. Supported by our friendly team of staff and tutors, and surrounded by your friends, you’ll be given responsibility for learning and living in Oxford.

Experience International Friendships

Our buildings have common room spaces where you can socialise or watch TV (like the World Cup!). These are great places to relax or catch up with friends on other courses, ensuring you always know where to go to find someone to chat to.

Experience History

Our accommodation is near the Castle Quarter, a lively part of central Oxford. Built in the 1070s by a Norman baron, the original wooden motte and bailey castle was replaced with stone shortly afterwards, which is what you see today.

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