Benefits of a Creative Writing Programme at the Oxford Scholastica Academy

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Creative writing can be a valuable skill to practise for personal development, but it can also help you progress academically. It’s an opportunity to delve into your imagination, challenge your creative potential, and explore your thoughts and feelings. 

Creative writing allows you to articulate your thoughts and feelings effectively, providing a space for self-discovery. It’s also a fun way to hone your critical thinking skills and learn to problem solve – just as writers and poets must when they make important decisions about their characters, structure and plot.

What Is the Oxford Scholastica Academy?

At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, we provide transformative and enriching learning experiences for students aged 12 to 18. Our dynamic and exciting courses combine university-style teaching with academic challenges, Masterclasses and cultural adventures. We work to inspire and empower young people, equipping them with the skills and knowledge for a positive and prosperous future. 

Our residential Creative Writing summer programme is an exciting opportunity for 15 to 18 year-olds to hone their skills and knowledge, on both a personal and academic level. While engaging in university-style classes, you’ll have the chance to explore the academically rich city of Oxford, with all of its wonders and cultural landmarks. 

Our course is ideal for students interested in creative writing, who are eager to immerse themselves in a challenging and enjoyable summer!

What to Expect from a Creative Writing Programme at Oxford Scholastica

The Oxford Scholastica Creative Writing programme is a two-week course, bursting with exciting opportunities for budding writers.

Two Oxford Scholastica tutors sitting at a table, smiling

Tutorial-style teaching and expert tutors

All of our courses focus on tutorial-style teaching with expert tutors and small class sizes. This style of teaching is used in many of the UK’s top universities, as it provides students with a personalised approach and an interactive learning experience. 

Our summer schools cultivate an intellectually stimulating environment, encouraging you to reach your full potential, and teaching you to confidently express your thoughts and ideas. 

In particular, the Creative Writing programme covers a range of topics, including:

  • Key characteristics of creative writing
  • How to escape “writer’s block”
  • Ingredients of storytelling
  • Basic plots in literature
  • Character development
  • Genre exploration
  • How to “build a world”
  • Constructing dialogues

Incorporating a range of topics into our summer curriculum allows you to hone the basic skills of creative writing, while supporting the most obscure creations of your imagination!

The chance to quiz a successful writer

Our Heroes programme invites students to meet and quiz a successful young writer, and learn more about their life and work. You’ll learn more about what a day in the life of a writer looks like, and get the chance to reflect on your own potential, and a possible future career. 

This in-depth exposure to a professional career in writing and its realistic enaction is an invaluable opportunity to gain key insights into future study and career options to pursue writing beyond school.

The Book Series Challenge Afternoon

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a writer? Well, in our Creative Writing summer course, you can step into the shoes of a professional writer for an afternoon. Each of our residential programmes includes the chance to participate in a Challenge Afternoon, and for the Creative Writing cohort, the Challenge Afternoon is the Book Series Challenge. 

The afternoon involves puzzling through the challenges that writers face when writing a book series, while working to a strict editorial deadline. You’ll work with peers in a ‘writer’s room’, developing different elements for an ongoing book series. 

Overall, it’s a fun and unique way to test out the life of a professional writer at an early stage.

Benefits of an Oxford Scholastica Creative Writing Programme

Our Creative Writing programme provides you with a competitive edge to help you on your way towards your dream future. Some key benefits include the chance to:

Hone your writing

Our summer programme is a chance to express yourself and get your creative juices flowing! 

Throughout the two-week course, you’ll be taught how to master key concepts that are pivotal to creative writing. You’ll learn how to write effective dialogue, create vibrant fictional worlds, and develop a book series – everything you need to know to publish your first novel! These are the building blocks that will launch you into a successful career, and inspire you to think creatively in all aspects of your life.

You’ll be taught by tutors who are experts in their fields from leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and will be given constructive feedback so you can refine your writing style and learn new techniques. You’ll learn from the best to become the best! 

Moreover, you’ll have the chance to put what you’ve learnt into practice, exploring different techniques and writing styles through practical tasks and exercises.

Oxford Scholastica students outside the Rad Cam in Oxford

Get a taste of university

Try being a university student for the summer! Oxford Scholastica residential students stay in University of Oxford accommodation (either St Anne’s, St George’s Gate, Paradise Street, St Thomas’, or Lampl), so you can get a taste of what student life is really like. 

Please note, the Oxford Scholastica Academy is not affiliated with any UK university, including the University of Oxford.

During your time at the summer school, you’ll also be responsible for your independent study outside of classes, helping you to hone essential skills like time management and organisation. This means that as well as enriching your academic potential, our summer programmes hold you accountable for your own work. This can be so rewarding, because all your achievements become your own, and you can graduate with the knowledge that you have grown and matured as a person. 

The programme is an excellent chance to explore in-depth what it’s like to study Creative Writing before committing to a degree! It’s a unique opportunity to have a two-week taster of university life, dipping your toe in the water to see if it’s for you. 

You’re sure to leave Oxford with a greater knowledge of yourself and your goals.

Experience Oxford

Oxford city has a rich history and culture to experience while studying with us. Alongside classes, the programme includes a range of day trips and fun on-campus activities, like punting, a castle visit and a moonlit boat ball! 

For Creative Writing students, Oxford’s rich literary history is incredibly inspiring. Oxford has been home to many significant writers over the centuries, including Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien.

Create a portfolio

The work you complete during the Creative Writing programme can be included in a future university or career application portfolio. The course is an incredible opportunity to enhance your portfolio, demonstrating your writing ability across various genres and styles. It’s a great way to showcase the evolution of your writing skills as you implement feedback throughout the programme, highlighting your ability to learn and your potential to grow.  

You’ll graduate from Oxford Scholastica with a Certificate of Achievement and a personalised Letter of Recommendation from your personal tutor. Having a ceremony to mark your achievements is a really special way to end the course, and the Letter of Recommendation is concrete evidence of your skills and strengths to show to university admissions or potential future employers.

Group of Oxford Scholastica students posing for a photo at graduation

Build a professional network

During the Creative Writing programme, you’ll have lots of chances to interact with students from all around the world. This provides the opportunity to build a professional network of like-minded peers, all with an interest in creative writing. 

Building relationships and creating a strong network can open up a variety of new opportunities in the future. It can also provide an avenue to share insights and resources, and can be a nice way to bond with people who have similar interests. 

We aim to create a close community of students that support each other during our summer school, making memories to last a lifetime. After the programme, you’ll also join the extensive international Oxford Scholastica alumni community for ongoing academic and career support.

How to Get Started

Now that you’re sure the Creative Writing programme is the perfect course for you, it’s time to apply!

The booking form requires you to input your basic personal information and contact details. You’ll also be asked to submit a short personal statement outlining your interest in creative writing and why you want to study with us. In your statement, reflect on your best, most relevant academic and extracurricular achievements and show us your best self! 

Make sure to double-check for any spelling and grammar errors before submitting. 

The Oxford Scholastica Creative Writing programme is a challenging and intellectually stimulating experience. You’ll meet a diverse range of people, experience university life, and explore a new city. 

To learn more about the Creative Writing programme and other courses we offer, check out the Oxford Scholastica Academy website.


By Smriti Pahari

Smriti recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law from Worcester College, University of Oxford. She is currently embarking on a Solicitors Qualifying Exam at BPP University and aspires to be a commercial lawyer. 

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