What Happens at an Oxford Scholastica Summer School Graduation?

19 Dec, 2023 | Blog Articles, Get the Edge

We know how hard our students work to complete their programmes with us here at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, whether they’ve joined us to Discover Medicine or Experience Law, and we plan our graduation events with this in mind!

From a ceremony with friends and family held in the prestigious Saïd Business School, to a whirlwind Ceilidh (more on that later!), the whole evening is designed to celebrate our students’ success.

We’ve put together a quick guide to an Oxford Scholastica graduation – we hope this answers any questions you might have, and makes you excited for your own if you’re joining us this summer!


What Is the Oxford Scholastica Academy?

This seems like the best place to start! The Oxford Scholastica Academy is a summer school provider based in one of the most famous intellectual cities in the world: Oxford, UK. We’re proud to have been running summer schools for more than 10 years, and we’ve inspired more than 5,000 students to find their purpose and get the edge for their futures.

What subjects does Oxford Scholastica offer?

Our academic summer school programmes cover a wide range of subjects, from Computer Science & Coding to International Relations, Politics and Leadership.

Our courses cater to two age groups: 12 to 14 year olds are encouraged to discover a field of interest, whether that’s Medicine, Business or Technology. These summer schools cover the foundations of the subject, as well as giving a taste of the potential careers a degree could open up.

15-18 year olds, on the other hand, experience university student life in their chosen subject. The programmes cover more advanced content, and are the perfect opportunity for young people to decide whether the field is one they would like to pursue for their undergraduate studies. They’re also great to mention in personal statements and essays as part of university or college applications, as they prove initiative and dedication to the subject.

Is the summer school all academic?

Our programmes are academically rigorous, but we also recognise the importance of having fun! That’s why our programme is a carefully considered balance of classes, academic masterclasses and social activities. From visiting the home of the British Royal Family at Windsor Castle to giving punting a try, students have plenty of time to develop and cement friendships, explore the city of Oxford and experience everything that the UK as to offer!


So, What Happens at an Oxford Scholastica Summer School Graduation?

Our graduation evenings are carefully planned to give students the perfect end to their time with us in Oxford. There are three main parts to the graduation afternoon, which lasts from around 5:30pm until bedchecks at 10:30pm.

We model our graduation ceremony on those of other schools and universities, although we add in some extra bits to make it especially memorable and unique to reflect your Oxford Scholastica experience.

The Ceremony and speeches

Our Graduation Ceremonies take place in lecture theatres at the prestigious Saïd Business School, and family and friends are warmly invited to attend and join us in celebrating our students’ successes. As well as speeches from our Senior Leadership Team, we invite one student from each course to share their favourite memories of the summer.

We then announce each of our graduating students and invite them on stage to shake the hand of their tutor, and formally graduate from the programme. This ensures that every individual receives recognition for their achievements, and marks their completion of the academic portion of the programme.

Oxford Scholastica students graduating at the end of their Oxford summer school.

Graduation dinner

Following the ceremony, family and friends are invited to stay with us for dinner, which is usually a celebratory barbecue in the gardens of the Saïd Business School.

The ceilidh!

Once everyone has eaten, we say goodbye to friends and family and head to our ceilidh! A form of Gaelic dancing similar to line or barn dancing, ceilidhs are a tradition at many universities across the UK. With a live band and a caller describing the steps as you go, everyone’s guaranteed to have a good time!


What Should I Wear to the Oxford Scholastica Graduation?

Oxford Scholastica summer school students, throwing graduation caps in the air in Oxford.

The graduation is a celebration of everything that you have achieved and experienced during your summer with us, so we like to make it a suitably memorable event. As such, we encourage everyone to dress formally, including any guests who wish to attend.

Next Steps for Summer School Students

If you’ve booked onto one of our courses this summer you will receive a link to be able to book parent/guardian graduation tickets.

Want to take a closer look at what it’s like to attend one of our Oxford summer schools? Check out some of our Oxford summer school videos.

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