How Is Teaching Structured at an Oxford Scholastica Academy Summer School?

28 Jul, 2023 | Blog Articles, Get the Edge

Attending an Oxford Scholastica summer school for teenagers is a unique opportunity to study in the city of Oxford. With a maximum of 15 students in each class, students benefit from a smaller tutorial-style of teaching, working with expert tutors to engage with their subject beyond the school curriculum. 

At Oxford Scholastica, university-style teaching is combined with practical challenges, Masterclasses and cultural adventures. This gives each student a unique experience of Oxford as a place of education and as an important historical city.

7 Features of the Teaching Method of our Summer School

1. A Taste of University

Our small class sizes enable personalised attention and foster student engagement, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to participate fully in activities.

There are many academic benefits of attending a summer school, and Oxford offers a distinctive learning experience. An Oxford Scholastica summer school is a great opportunity to experience a style of learning similar to a university course, where participation in small tutorial groups can help to prepare each student for higher education. 

University will seem far less daunting after gaining experience in one of the most famous university cities in the world!

2. Learn From the Best

Our Oxford summer school is led by a team of passionate and committed instructors. Our tutors are experts in their fields, and are all dedicated to the education of young people. 

Our Medicine tutor, Oonagh Ekereoboghene Stewart, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Oxford, and last year she presented her dissertation on the genetic basis of sleep regulation at a conference in Oxford.  

Benjamin White, another Oxford Scholastica tutor, has many years of experience teaching STEM subjects. He’s currently completing his DPhil in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, and has also served as a peer mentor and tutor for undergraduate students at the University of Bath and St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

3. Learn, See, Do

All of our staff, tutors and students are encouraged to practise the Oxford Scholastica Academy Worldview, to support young people in adopting active and long-term thinking, and in practising effective collaboration with their tutors and peers.

Our tutors work to create an intellectually stimulating environment so that students are inspired to reach their full potential. Our teaching philosophy is “Learn, See, Do” and students are encouraged to engage in new practical ways, and to apply what they’ve learnt through group discussions and collaborative projects.

This interactive approach to learning enhances critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills, equipping students with valuable key skills to prepare them for university and beyond. 

4. Get Inspired

Workshops, seminars, and guest speakers all play an important part in an Oxford Scholastica summer education. Our Masterclasses provide unique opportunities for our students, such as the chance to debate in the Oxford Union, or the chance to receive personalised guidance on university applications and personal statements. 

Our classes include Daniel Timms’ class on Brain Training, and Mitch Artman’s class on Moral Choice and Human Psychology. These additional learning opportunities expose our students to diverse perspectives, and inspire them to pursue their passions further.

5. Make Supportive Connections

Our Oxford summer schools provide ample support for students looking for academic guidance, as well as life experience and self-exploration. The Oxford Scholastica Academy connects students with a team of tutors, teachers and peers that will support them throughout the experience and beyond. Being a part of our alumni community provides students with a network of professionals and like-minded peers to access advice and guidance on higher education and career paths.

There are also opportunities for career exploration. Our team of Heroes consists of young professionals who have been very successful across a range of fields.

Our team of doctors, lawyers, coders, engineers, entrepreneurs, actors and writers work to inspire our students by speaking to them about their pathways to success, and providing advice about how to succeed. 

Our Heroes programme ensures that students make supportive connections as well as academic progress.

Our residential school is also home to two Matrons to attend to students’ medical and pastoral needs. Every student should be happy and comfortable, so our Matrons are always available for a chat, or to help with homesickness.

Oxford Scholastica Academy students with staff.

6. Get the Edge

Our practical projects and our focus on real-world applications make our Oxford summer school especially valuable, giving students the edge to succeed in their academic and professional careers.  During their time with the Oxford Scholastica Academy, our students gain a range of communication skills, social skills and improved confidence, useful practical skills like coding, and new in-depth academic knowledge. 

Hands-on activities, simulations and problem-solving exercises create a unique learning environment that teaches our students how to apply theoretical knowledge to practical contexts.

7. Experience Oxford

As well as classroom learning, our Oxford summer school experience incorporates some exciting day trips and activities around the city and beyond. In particular, our trips to Blenheim Palace and Windsor Castle are fun opportunities to learn about the histories of iconic landmarks in and around Oxford. 

Similarly, our International Ball takes place on a historical boat on the River Thames. This is an incredible opportunity to participate in a grand Oxford student tradition, and to dance and unwind with new friends. 

Students also have the chance to participate in activities such as traditional Scottish dancing, quintessential Oxford punting and our very own Oxford Olympics! These opportunities to experience the city of Oxford’s unique traditions are what make the summer school truly unforgettable, complementing classroom learning with their educational and cultural value.

Take the Next Step: Enroll in our Summer School Today

There are lots more academic benefits of attending an international summer like the Oxford Scholastica Academy, but these are our favourites! 

If you’d love to enrich your summer break and academic journey, consider the opportunities offered by Oxford Scholastica Academy for a unique experience in the heart of the city of Oxford!


By Jessica Mason

Jessica is currently studying a BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford, and has a particular interest in Early Modern theatre. She enjoys writing articles and has lots of experience in student journalism.

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