What Are the Academic Benefits of Attending a Summer School?

12 Jun, 2023 | Blog Articles, Get the Edge

Attending an international summer school is an unforgettable experience for so many reasons, from building friendships to last a lifetime through to gaining soft skills like confidence and independence. But what are the academic benefits of attending a summer school?

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to rest and recharge after a long school year, but they’re also a unique chance to enhance your learning and academic development in a new and exciting environment!

Here are our top benefits of attending an international summer school like the Oxford Scholastica Academy.

7 Top Academic Benefits of Attending a Summer School

1. Exposure to Different Teaching Styles

Students often spend their early academic careers following one style of learning, which can make the increased independence of university study a little jarring. Attending an international summer school allows you to experience diverse teaching methods and different approaches from a range of teachers and tutors much earlier than many of your peers. 

Being exposed to different teaching styles can enhance critical thinking, adaptability, and creativity, preparing you for university-style learning and working. 

Here at Oxford Scholastica, our teaching philosophy is inspired by the undergraduate teaching style at the University of Oxford. Our small class sizes and expert tutors provide a great taste of the university experience and help to equip you to tackle your academics with a fresh perspective when you return to school.

2. Learning Beyond the Curriculum

Attending an international summer school provides you with the opportunity to delve deeper into academic subjects beyond the limitations of the regular school curriculum. 

Acquiring advanced subject knowledge beyond what is expected of you, and developing a broader understanding of your chosen field, is an excellent way to show your passion for your subject and your desire to learn more. 

Being able to show evidence of your interest and excitement for a topic looks great on university applications. It can also help improve your interview performance by giving you more in-depth knowledge to draw upon to answer questions and help you to ace your university interviews.

3. Exploring Subjects Not Traditionally Taught at School

Often a summer school allows students to explore subjects that are not commonly taught in schools. Subjects like Medicine or Law are fields that include some of the most popular university courses in the UK, but are often omitted from the school curriculum. 

Exposure to these subjects whilst attending an international summer school can help students to make more informed academic and career decisions. 

Even if a student takes an Engineering course and decides Engineering is absolutely not the subject for them, then that’s still a success – it’s far better to learn it’s not your subject at the end of a two week summer course than two weeks into a four year degree!

4. Personalised Attention and Guidance

Many international summer schools provide smaller class sizes, allowing for more personalised attention and support from expert instructors. 

The Oxford Scholastica Academy follows this structure, giving you room to receive personalised guidance in improving your academic performance and to foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter, allowing you to raise your academic game and take charge of your future.

With smaller classes and personal attention, it’s also easy to get to know the Oxford Scholastica team so you’ll be able to put names to smiling faces quickly!

Oxford Scholastica international summer school students working together and smiling

5. Preparing for University-Level Study

Oftentimes, students can find the jump from secondary school education to university-style learning overwhelming. 

Attending an international summer school can help students to prepare for the challenges of university-level study. By providing a safe and low-risk environment to experience new ways of working and collaborating, a summer school can help you to develop vital academic skills that are sometimes overlooked, such as critical thinking, research, and time management. 

Here at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, we encourage you to practise active thinking and engage critically with your studies, alongside collaborating with your peers, setting you up for success at university or within your future career!

6. Building Confidence and Independence

As you learn to engage with your studies in a new way and direct your academic studies, you’ll also learn to build confidence and independence. 

An international summer school can contribute to building self-belief and trust in your academic abilities and pursuits, allowing you to succeed (and learn from your mistakes!) in a supportive learning environment. 

With smaller class sizes and personalised attention from teachers, you’ll be encouraged to pursue opportunities in self-directed learning and take responsibility for your own education – much like studying independently in university!

7. Networking and Collaboration

Last, but definitely not least, an international summer school allows students to connect with like minded peers and build valuable relationships that extend far beyond the summer school term! 

There are lots of benefits to collaborating with other students and exchanging ideas within a diverse academic community, such as learning to approach a topic using an interdisciplinary method, or broadening your thinking by engaging with somebody else’s perspective or thought-process.

A summer school is a fantastic place to make new life-long friends from all around the world and build a global network of peers!

There are lots more academic benefits of attending an international summer like the Oxford Scholastica Academy, but these are our favourites! 

If you’d love to enrich your summer break and academic journey, consider the opportunities offered by Oxford Scholastica Academy for a unique experience in the heart of the city of Oxford!


By Amy Alsop

Our Content Editor, Amy, writes and edits content across our blog and resources. She graduated from Lincoln college, University of Oxford, where she read English.

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