10 Benefits of Attending Summer School Abroad

by | 16 May, 2024

A group of summer school students studying abroad in Oxford

Summer holidays are a great time for personal growth and enrichment. Of course it’s fun to chill out by the pool, but there are so many incredible experiences out there, which will make the summer truly unforgettable. So why should you go to an international summer school like our Oxford Summer School?

Here we outline the 9 greatest benefits of attending summer school abroad.

Summer schools nurture and promote academic success in many ways. They encourage deeper understanding of a chosen subject or subjects and foster independent thinking. This is a great asset for university applications, as well as boosting students’ confidence both within and outside the classroom.

2. Decide direction

The prospect of choosing a degree subject and/or career is a daunting one, no matter what stage of education you are in. Summer schools provide an opportunity to learn more about your subjects. On an Oxford summer course, you can try things out before committing to a degree of three or more years!

A teen girl studying for a math oxford summer course

3. Increase independence

Studying abroad over the summer gives students a greater feeling of independence than summer camps closer to home. Learning to navigate a city in a different country can lead to a real sense of achievement. In addition, it can be a great learning experience to travel independently for the first time. An international summer school will grow your child’s personal confidence in travelling and settling into a new environment.

4. Gain new skills

Students can learn new skills in summer school, such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration, which can help them prepare for their future. For example, an Oxford summer course is a fantastic place to improve your grasp of the English language, particularly in relation to technical, subject-specific language and phrases. In addition, your child will foster interpersonal skills by interacting with students from all over the world, and pick up new academic skills in the classroom. Giving students a diverse array of experiences to hone these skills is one of the main purposes of our Oxford summer courses at Oxford Scholastica.

5. Experience a new culture

There’s no better way to experience a new culture than to fully immerse yourself in it! Summer schools abroad offer an excellent balance of study and enriching extra-curricular programmes. Whether you watch a play, visit world-renowned museums or spend an afternoon punting along the river, you’re sure to leave with a better understanding of British culture.

A group of students attending their orientation for summer school

6. Make friends for life

An international summer school allows students to meet others with similar interests who they would never have ordinarily crossed paths with. Our alumni here at Oxford Scholastica have gone on to organise meet-ups with friends they met on our programme, even years after they graduated. This global network of friends will set your child up with brilliant connections and deep friendships.

7. Sample the English education system

For students intending to study in the UK (United Kingdom), attending a summer course here is an excellent way to gain familiarity with the style of teaching. Also, getting a taste of a different style of education is valuable even for students who are not planning to move to the UK. Wherever you are from, your child will learn valuable skills. And they can apply these to their further studies and career, wherever they go around the world.

A group of young high school students celebrating their summer school graduation

8. Learn to get your bearings

Oxford is a diverse and enriching but physically compact city, so students are able to navigate it easily. It also means that the duration of a summer school is often long enough to foster a feeling of really knowing the city. Once your child has conquered navigating around Oxford, the world will be their oyster. 

9. Have an unforgettable experience

Combining all of these factors makes for an experience that students will cherish for a long time after they leave Oxford. Alongside engaging with fascinating areas of study, they’ll have great fun taking part in extracurricular activities and during free time with their new friends. There is nothing quite like the experience of doing a summer school abroad!

International summer schools really are a wonderful opportunity for students to develop both in the classroom and outside of it. The Oxford Scholastica Academy summer courses provide a brilliant balance between the academic and extracurricular. Why not take a look and find even more reasons to make this summer an unforgettable and life-changing experience for your child.

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