Reasons to Go to a Computer Science Summer School

13 Dec, 2023 | Blog Articles, Get the Edge, Science Articles, Technology Articles

In today’s world, computer science and coding have become paramount to professional success across industries like healthcare, science, finance and mathematics. For high school students, a Computer Science summer school is the ideal way to explore these cutting-edge developments in technology and innovation, while preparing for the modern workforce.

What Is a Computer Science Summer School?

A Computer Science summer school provides students with the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on experiences, and familiarise themselves with programming, web design, technical knowledge and artificial intelligence.

These courses encourage students to develop skills related to coding, programming languages and business innovation.

Computer Science summer schools also provide students with skills that can be later applied to career paths, including public speaking and team management. 

Students who choose to enrol in a Computer Science summer course sign up for an intensive two-week learning experience, diving beyond the school curriculum and placing themselves ahead of the curve!

What Will I Learn at a Computer Science Summer School?

I. In-depth understanding of computer systems

Computer scientists use a variety of computer systems in their work, so it’s crucial that Computer Science students develop an in-depth understanding of various systems. 

A Computer Science summer school is an excellent way for students to get to grips with the fundamental concepts of these computer systems, ranging from algorithms to computational tools.

In particular, Computer Science summer schools delve into data structures, algorithmic thinking and computation via practical learning exercises and hands-on training.  Near the end of our Oxford Scholastica residential summer school, our CompSci students get the chance to put their skills to their test in our fast-paced App Challenge, formulating a mobile app prototype to be marketed by Business students! 

In turn, our summer school students graduate with the ability to apply their robust understanding of the facets of computer systems to real-world problems.

II. A solid foundation of coding and programming skills

A Computer Science summer school focuses on developing the coding and programming skills that inform expertise around software development and creative problem-solving. 

In particular, our summer programmes provide an overview of relevant programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript and C++. Students are encouraged to refine a working knowledge of these languages and their uses through practical projects during the summer – like using HTML to code a website, or Python to design an app.

Beyond the summer, students are equipped with newfound coding skills and knowledge to inform future careers in technology and computer development.

III. Strong creative and innovative thinking

Summer schools are known for cultivating students’ personal growth as well as their academic development. In particular, a Computer Science summer school nurtures innovation and creativity through a range of team exercises and computer-based challenges.

This creativity and teamwork fostered throughout a Computer Science summer school equips students with the confidence and collaborative skills to emerge as formidable tech leaders.

What Are the Benefits of a Computer Science Summer School?

1. Learning in an immersive environment

One of the many benefits of a summer school is the uniquely immersive environment, where students are able to work solely on one subject alongside like-minded peers and expert tutors.

Students on our Oxford Scholastica Computer Science summer course take a hands-on approach to their technological work through an assortment of coding workshops, programming challenges and unique projects. These often take place in small groups that emphasise the importance of teamwork and innovation, building on the collaborative and practical learning that defines our teaching structure.

Through an immersive environment, students are exposed to various aspects of computer science, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the subject and its relevance in tackling modern-day challenges.

Oxford Scholastica Academy student reading outside their accommodation by the canal

2. Exploring cutting-edge technologies

With the chance to explore cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends, a Computer Science summer school dives into artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity and virtual reality.

Gaining experience with these contemporary technologies – which are continuing to gain relevance across numerous fields of research – is crucial in preparing Computer Science students for future advancements in the workplace and an industry that will continue to develop and grow over the coming years.

3. Interesting material for your personal statement and college applications

As with many summer courses, attending a Computer Science summer school is the ideal way to enhance your personal statement and college applications

Given the competitive nature of college admissions, there’s great value in showcasing the practical skills you’ve gained during a summer programme, and the innovative projects you’ve worked on.

These concrete examples of your engagement within the field belie a passion and commitment that’s sure to make a lasting impression on admissions tutors.

4. Work with like-minded peers from around the world

Attending a Computer Science summer school provides the unique opportunity for students to collaborate with like-minded peers from around the world. This component of a summer programme is beneficial in fostering teamwork and community, and exposing students to global perspectives and debates that might then inform their own technological research!

An Oxford Scholastica summer course provides students with the opportunity to work on group projects and coding competitions to foster the development of personal and professional relationships alongside the collaborative skills necessary for later success in the tech industry.

Group of Oxford Scholastica Computer Science students celebrating their graduation!

5. Gaining insight into tech careers and university paths

Finally, a Computer Science summer school offers teenagers unique insights into potential university paths and careers in different technological disciplines. 

Our CompSci summer schools are supplemented by talks and interactive sessions with industry experts and university representatives, to equip students to make informed decisions about their academic and career paths.

As you begin to think about your plans for the coming summer, be sure to explore opportunities that will both ignite your passion for technology and create memories to last a lifetime!


By Adam Kluge

Adam (he/him) recently completed his MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Oxford. His research exists at the intersection of law, politics, and history – and he welcomes opportunities to further explore these areas through personal and pedagogical practices. He completed his undergraduate degrees at Columbia University and will begin a PhD in Criminology at Oxford this autumn.

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