What Are the Benefits of Summer Courses for Teens?

19 Dec, 2023 | Blog Articles, Get the Edge

The end of the school year can pose a challenging question: what now? What’s the best way to make the most of your time off?

With university on the horizon for many students, summer courses provide the perfect opportunity to develop personal and academic skills to ease the transition to higher education. 

Here are just some of the ways in which a teen summer course can benefit you

Academic Enrichment

During your time at school – or even through your extracurricular pursuits – you might have developed a passion for a particular academic subject. Once you find that passion though, it can be tricky to dedicate as much time to it as you’d like, between a full school curriculum and a busy teenage schedule. 

Summer courses allow the time and opportunity to delve deeper into a subject, providing teens with the chance to gain valuable insight from subject experts, and access specialised resources otherwise unavailable to pre-university students.

Participating in a summer course broadens knowledge, fosters critical thinking, and develops academic skills to help you excel in your chosen subject. At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, our summer courses are built upon small class sizes and a tutorial-style of teaching, as well as masterclasses and challenge days, that encourage students to practise new ways of learning beyond the school classroom.

Personal Growth and Development

With new ways of learning, comes newfound confidence! 

Confidence is a great skill to practise both for university and for your future career, helping to foster self-motivation, resilience and adaptability. An Oxford Scholastica summer course encourages students to experiment in stepping out of their comfort zones, helping to develop the independence and self-belief that’s crucial to academic and personal success. 

All of our tutors either study or work at leading universities across the UK – so you can rely on their knowledge and experience to foster personal growth that will help students excel at university and beyond!

University Preparation

Alongside confidence, soft skills like time-management, communication and research skills, are all essential components of a university student’s toolkit. 

Our summer courses are designed to expose students to the independent work (and play!) of university life. Students experience what it’s like to study in a new and exciting city, equipping them to make informed decisions about their future.

Personal Statement and University Applications

Summer courses are unrivalled in boosting university applications, demonstrating the kind of experience, self-motivation and passion that admissions teams are looking for. 

In particular, personal statements offer insights into what prospective applicants are like beyond school grades. What interests them, or motivates them in the field? What sets them apart from other applicants? Including your summer course experience in a personal statement, and  discussing the skills you’ve gained throughout, will evidence your dedication and proactive attitude towards education. 

Two Oxford Scholastica Academy students during a summer course for teens.

Networking and Social Opportunities

One of the most exciting benefits of enrolling on a summer course is the chance to meet people from around the world! Students meet like-minded individuals, forging connections that often last well beyond the summer. 

An Oxford Scholastica summer course provides lots of opportunities to take part in collaborative learning, group projects and extracurricular activities, allowing students to form fulfilling and supportive relationships. 

Although meeting lots of new people in a short amount of time can sound intimidating, it’s good to keep in mind that everybody is in the same boat as you! Remember that shared experiences and common interests are key ingredients in developing deep and meaningful connections with your peers.

Flexibility and Accessibility

While we’ve laid out the many benefits, some students may worry that a busy summer schedule leaves no room for a summer course. After all, summer is the ideal time to pursue hobbies and interests that you might have neglected during term-time. Thankfully, summer courses can be incredibly flexible. 

Oxford Scholastica offers a range of different summer courses, including residential and online programmes for those who are unable to travel, accommodating a range of time zones to welcome students from all around the world.

These are just some of the endless benefits of  summer courses for teenagers. We consider our courses to be a valuable investment in the educational journeys of young people, and hope to equip students with the skills they need to thrive at university and beyond. Whether it’s our residential Engineering summer school or an online International Relations programme, our range of summer courses are the perfect next step on your journey towards a fulfilling and successful career!


By Sam Cox

Sam is a recent English graduate from the University of Bristol whose interests include twentieth-century fiction, film, and cultural criticism.

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