All too quickly the final day of summer school had arrived, and it was time for our students to celebrate all of their achievements and friendships during our time together as we all came together for the OSA graduation ceremony. Many parents also joined us in celebrating our amazing students, who received their awards for completing the course.

The ceremony consisted of remembering high points of the course such as the Windsor and Cambridge trips or the amazing talent show our students put on for us! We were also shown some hilarious photos taken during the various trips that we enjoyed over the duration of the course. Our speakers also gave wonderful insight through their speeches into what they had learnt from the summer and the global friendships they had made during their time with us.

After the ceremony our students got to enjoy their final dinner with us, as we enjoyed a barbecue together chatting away about our memories of the course and plans for what remained of summer!

For our last activity we ended in a truly British fashion, with a traditional Scottish and Irish dance called a Ceilidh. Our students picked up the dance with amazing talent as they quickly learned the steps. Finally we all headed home in high spirits even though our final activity of the summer school had come to an end.