What Are the Benefits of a Business Summer School?

18 Dec, 2023 | Blog Articles, Business Articles, Get the Edge

In the ever-evolving world of commerce, entrepreneurship and management, pursuing new knowledge and practical experiences is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. 

Business summer schools are more than just a break from the traditional classroom setting; they’re a gateway to a world of practical learning, diverse exploration, skill development and global awareness.

Why Are Business Skills Important?

Being able to navigate complex business landscapes, make informed decisions, and adapt to ever-changing scenarios is a highly valuable skill set for students to develop. Business skills encompass different competencies that can be transferred to a range of industries, from understanding market dynamics to managing teams and resources effectively. 

With these skills in your toolkit, you’ll be a formidable asset in the professional world!

What Are the Benefits of a Business Summer School?

Here are our top benefits of attending a Business summer school!

I. Learning through practice

Business summer schools stand out for their commitment to practical learning, offering a dynamic approach that goes beyond textbooks and classes. 

The teaching structure at Oxford Scholastica is centred around interactive workshops, real-world case studies, and simulated business scenarios. This hands-on experience fosters a deeper understanding of business principles, allowing students to understand concepts like market failure in a tangible manner.

When you actively participate in business simulations, you’re not just learning about market forces; you’re in the driver’s seat, making critical decisions and witnessing the consequences! This experiential learning helps bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping you with a skill set that isn’t just theoretical, but also functional.

II. Exploring diverse business areas

One of the most exciting aspects of a Business summer school is the opportunity to explore diverse business areas. From marketing and finance to operations and entrepreneurship, these programmes provide a comprehensive overview of the field. 

This exposure allows students to learn about different business specialities, and plan for potential future career paths.

Whether you discover a passion for marketing strategies or a flair for financial analysis, these programmes help you chart your future course with confidence.

III. Developing business acumen and skills

Business summer schools are designed to foster essential business insight and skills, encouraging effective leadership, problem-solving, negotiation and strategic thinking.

Leadership, for instance, isn’t just about holding a title; it’s about inspiring and guiding a team towards a common goal. Similarly, there’s more to problem-solving than simply identifying issues; it’s about finding innovative solutions as well. 

These skills are at the core of business and management roles, where adaptability, and the ability to navigate complex situations, are essential.

IV. Understanding the global business landscape

In our interconnected world, it’s important for students to understand the global business landscape. 

Business summer schools provide invaluable insights into international case studies and global business trends. With the emergence of the global marketplace, businesses are no longer confined by geographical borders, making it essential to have a global perspective.

By engaging with global business concepts, students are able to gain a broader understanding of how international markets function, the cultural nuances that influence consumer behaviour, and the strategic decisions that drive multinational corporations.

V. Exposure to business ethics and sustainability

Business ethics and sustainability are no longer optional, but fundamental, to business success. 

Our Business students explore the role of businesses in addressing social and environmental challenges, and the importance of ethical practices in achieving long-term success.

Understanding how businesses can contribute positively to society and the environment is ethically sound, and is increasingly demanded by consumers and stakeholders. 

Business summer schools encourage students to form a solid ethical foundation, empowering them to lead with purpose and responsibility.

Four Business students sitting down and smiling

VI. Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit

Do you harbour dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, and bringing your innovative ideas to life? 

Business summer schools are perfect for entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. These programmes allow students to work on unique business plans and entrepreneurial projects, while accessing practical guidance and mentorship from expert tutors.

Whether you’re planning to start your own venture or join an innovative startup, the skills and insights gained during a Business summer school will set you on the  path to becoming a future business leader!

The future of the business industry is dynamic and multifaceted, and it’s up to you to shape it! 

Equip yourself with the knowledge and experiences offered by a Business summer school, and step confidently into the world of commerce, entrepreneurship and management.

Your journey starts here, and the possibilities are endless…


By Charlotte Rice

Charlotte has recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BA Hons in Media, Journalism and Publishing. She particularly liked the variety of her course and the confidence it has given her to pursue a career in media and marketing. Music, film and Greek mythology are her passions, and she loved having her own weekly show – RiceTime! – on Brookes Radio. Charlotte worked as an Activities Coordinator for our summer school in 2023.

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