Writing summer school

Writing Summer School

Take your writing skills to the next level this summer. Join our Writing Summer School held on the Oxford University campus and experience writing in the most famous literary city in the world.

Oxford Writing Summer School

There are few more inspiring places than Oxford to grow your skills as a writer. Follow in the footsteps of world-renowned Oxford authors such as Lewis Carroll, J.R.R. Tolkien and Philip Pullman on our writing summer school. Surrounded by the dreaming spires of Oxford University, you’ll spend your time with us learning all about the ins and outs of different genres of writing, alongside other ambitious students from all over the world.

From the fundamentals of storytelling to the techniques needed to construct a realistic fictional world, our writing summer school will introduce you to the skills you need to be a successful writer. You’ll also meet a real-life writer so you can ask all your questions about what it’s really like making a living from writing, and you’ll discover the many career paths you could take as a professional writer.

You’ll leave Oxford armed with lots of new creative skills, as well as a group of like-minded new friends from around the world.

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Discover Writing (12-14 year olds)

Start developing your writing skills by joining us for our Discover Writing Academy. We’ll show you how to harness your creativity and start working enhancing your writing abilities. You’ll discover some of the secrets of creative writing, from writing realistic characters to building fictional worlds, as well as finding out about some of the other writing career options open to you, such as screenwriting and journalism. You’ll get to put your skills into practice by creating and editing a magazine.

Writing summer school students in the Oxford Union

Experience Creative Writing (15-18 year olds)

On our Experience Creative Writing Academy, our summer writing programme for high school students, you’ll discover the secrets of creative writing in the city that gave rise to authors such as Lewis Carroll and J.R.R. Tolkien. You’ll explore different genres of writing and learn techniques to help you build realistic characters, plots and dialogue. You’ll also experience the challenge of coming up with your own new concept for a book series. Could you be the future author of the next big fantasy trilogy?

The Best Courses, The Best People, Your Future Success:

Get the Oxford Experience

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The Best Writing Courses

Summer writing courses designed to stimulate, stretch and challenge you – whatever your subject knowledge

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The Best People

Taught by tutors from world-class institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Students at graduation ceremony

Your future SUCCESS

A writing summer school designed to help you discover, experience and prepare for a successful future

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Get the Oxford Experience

Delivered on the prestigious Oxford University campus

Writing Summer School Testimonials

The two weeks I spent at Oxford Scholastica were some of the best of my life. The Creative Writing course was very interesting; it enabled me to grow as a writer, as well as a reader. And our tutor Ben was very helpful, fun and spontaneous, making me excited for every lesson to come. When it comes to the social side of the experience, the two weeks didn’t disappoint. Everyone there was incredibly friendly and eager to learn new things. I made friends from every continent, some of them whom I still keep in contact with, half a year later. I’d recommend this course to anyone wanting to broaden their horizons, learn new skills and create long lasting friendships.
Alexia Kerwat

Italy, Experience Creative Writing Academy

It just surpassed our expectations in every way – pre-attendance organisation, facilities, high level of the programme, challenging course, interesting and diverse attendees from all around the world, dedicated creative teachers, great balance of time working and time for personal endeavors and friend making, supportive staff, teamwork oriented, family-like atmosphere, caring and nurturing environment, academically and personally challenging, true college campus experience…in short, just exceeded all expectations.
Bill & Tanya Mateo

Russia, Parents of Paulina

I have taught with Oxford Scholastica for a number of years and am consistently impressed by the excellent experience students are offered. As both a former teacher and university admissions advisor at a leading UK school, I can say with confidence that OSA students are offered an invaluable opportunity to explore what really interests them, and prepare for their path to university. It really does give students an advantage.

Jo Cruse

Tutor, and former teacher at leading UK school

Why choose our Oxford Writing Summer School?

Whatever you want from your writing – whether it’s a hobby or you see yourself as a future author – our creative writing summer courses will help you achieve your writing goals. With our creative writing summer school, you can expect:

  • Expert teaching from our team of predominantly Oxbridge-educated tutors
  • Programmes of learning that combine classroom-based studies with practical challenges to develop your writing skills; you’ll also meet a real writer
  • All the information you need on the different career options available to you as a writer, as well as the possibilities for studying English or creative writing at university. We have a proven track record of preparing thousands of middle school students and high school students for future success
  • To build on your transferable skills, such as communication skills and teamwork, which are sought after by universities and employers.

What can you expect from our Writing Summer School?

Study writing with us and you’ll leave feeling inspired and ready to take the next step in your journey as a writer. During your time in Oxford, we will:

High school summer Writing student discussions

Tell you the secrets of creative writing for different genres, such as plot and character development, and the importance of dialogue

Writing summer school students with staff member

Introduce you to a taster of university life, with top quality teaching from our expert staff

Writing summer courses students in class

Introduce you to a real-life writer, who’ll answer your questions on what it’s really like to earn a living from writing

High school summer Writing Hero

Give you the chance to begin forming your own professional network and join our community of Oxford Scholastica Academy alumni

Debate at Writing summer school

Give you all the insights you need for your stage of education on our fully accredited writing course

Writing Summer School meeting

Helping you to decide on the best university course for you, and equipping you with excellent subject knowledge and experiences which will be invaluable for university applications

Students with graduation tubes

Give you practical challenges to exercise your new skills, such as creating and editing a magazine or dreaming up a new book series

Student networks

Experience Oxford life, and walk in the footsteps of famous writers including J. R. R. Tolkien and Oscar Wilde

Writing summer courses students at graduation

Enable you, once you’ve completed your writing course, to graduate in a formal Graduation Ceremony held at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School

On this writing course, you’ll spend two weeks studying in the historic city of Oxford, surrounded by one of the world’s greatest universities and never far from the favourite haunts of the authors who penned masterpieces such as The Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland and His Dark Materials. Whether you’re a budding professional writer or just want to get better at your hobby, you’ll find the very best summer writing programmes for students at Oxford Scholastica.

How does our Writing Summer School programme offer you an authentic university experience?

  • You’ll receive top quality teaching from expert tutors, learning in small classes inspired by the Oxford style of learning
  • You’ll experience life as a student, studying and socialising on the prestigious Oxford University campus and enjoying traditional Oxford activities in your free time, such as punting
  • You’ll think in depth about different genres of writing and how authors create them, putting your new knowledge to the test with practical creative challenges
  • You’ll meet like-minded fellow students from around the world, forming the start of your very own network of professional contacts as well as friends

Why study writing?

Graduates of our writing summer school often go on to develop their literary talents after they’ve left Oxford, but what are the benefits of studying to become a writer?

Writing summer school student speaking

There are lots of career paths as a writer

Writing well is a useful skill that opens up many doors. From journalism to screenwriting, copywriting to penning the news, there are so many career options if you want to become a professional writer – not to mention that you could be the author of the next Harry Potter or Game of Thrones.

Writing is a hugely flexible way to earn a living

As a writer, all you need is a laptop and you can work from anywhere, choosing your own hours.

Bridge of Sighs photo
Writing summer school students at graduation

Your words could change lives

Whether it’s an impactful piece of journalism or telling a powerful story in a hard-hitting novel, as a writer you have the potential to change the lives of the people who read your work.

You’ll improve other skills

As well as the actual process of putting pen to paper, writing hones other useful skills, such as critical thinking, observation and attention to detail.

Classroom discussions at the high school summer Writing programme
Writing summer courses friends

The only limit is your imagination

As an author of fiction, you can let your imagination run wild and create worlds entirely from scratch – a fascinating intellectual exercise that will continually challenge you throughout your career.

Map of students

Meet Writing Students from Around the World

This past summer, students from 85 different nationalities chose to experience our writing summer school:

out of 10 students said our writing summer courses were one of the most memorable summers of their life

out of 10 students said that our high school summer writing courses gave them greater certainty about their future direction

out of 10 parents said they would recommend our writing summer courses to other parents

Graduation at the Said Business School

Inspected and Accredited

Our writing summer courses have been independently accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a short course provider for Independent Further and Higher Education. The BAC have assessed our teaching quality, pastoral care, and overall standards.

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