Oxford Scholastica Personalised Report

Are you looking to maximise your chances of success when applying to university in the future? If so, our free personalised Report is for you.

Our expert subject Mentors will provide resources (books, films, podcasts) and guidance tailored to you, in order to help you fulfil your potential.

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Our ​team of academics have developed a free tool for students aged 15-18 who would like guidance on how to maximise their chances of getting into their top-choice university.

To access your free personalised Report, click here and fill in a short 5 minute questionnaire. Your Report will include:

  • Tailored book, podcast and video recommendations for you, based on your interests and academic level, to help you read around the curriculum
  • Data to let you know where you stand compared with other applicants
  • Advice and recommendations for how to improve your university application and set yourself up for success

The Report will give you the edge in your university applications, and it’s completely free.

Core Metrics
We Analyse and Help to Improve

Based on our experience supporting thousands of students, we’ve identified seven core metrics that set successful candidates apart. From “reading around your subject” to how comfortable you feel discussing the latest subject news at the dinner table, these metrics are crucial to university success.

Our Report measures your current levels and shows you how you compare to other students. It gives you tailored, subject-specific advice to help you to improve and increase your chances of getting into your dream university.



Self-belief about
your talents


Reading outside the
school curriculum


Work experience related
to your subject



Keeping on top of
current affairs


Taking external


Talking about your
subject to others


The level of support you
have from role models

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Score page of the Oxford Scholastica Academy academic report
Recommendation page of the Oxford Scholastica Academy academic report

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Report?

It’s a free Report that will help you to prepare for a successful academic future, regardless of your current stage.

Written by a subject expert, and tailored to you, the Report will analyse your strengths and weaknesses and give you practical advice on how to improve. It’ll also show you how you compare to other students.

The Report covers all the key areas university admissions officers are looking for, and suggests books, articles and podcasts to help you read around the subject. It also gives you lots of advice on things like how to obtain work experience, and how to become more confident discussing your subject.

Who is it for - and what subjects does it cover?

The Report is for students aged 15-18 who are keen to accelerate their learning in their chosen subject(s). It is designed to help young people prepare effectively for university applications – whichever universities they’re aiming for.

Our Reports cover the following subjects:

  • Economics & Business
  • Engineering
  • International Relations & Politics
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Psychology


How does it work?
Click here to fill in the Report (it takes around 5 minutes). You’ll be asked a series of around 20 questions to help us to understand more about you and your interests – from the subject you want to study to the way you learn best.

Our team will then review your answers, and within 24-48 hours we’ll send you a personalised Report tailored to you, written by our subject-expert Mentor.

You’ll also have the opportunity to receive subject-specific emails from your Mentor, all designed to continue to stretch you and develop your knowledge of the subject. In other words, our free support doesn’t stop when you receive the Report!

Why is Oxford Scholastica offering a free Report?

We are passionate about giving students the edge to help them succeed, find their purpose, and make a difference in the world. We’ve supported over 3,000 students over the past 10 years, and we’ve launched the Report to support even more students.

The Report is free of charge, and while some students who read the Report might like to sign up to our courses and internships, this is completely optional (the Report also includes information on our Scholarship Programme as part of our mission to widen access to students from less advantaged backgrounds – we’re aiming to provide over 10,000 hours of free support over the next 3 years).

First and foremost, we want to support as many people as possible to maximise their chances of future success and fulfil their potential.