Online Conferences & Events

Our Online Conferences & Events offer students the chance to explore cutting-edge topics in their chosen subject, interact with experts, and get ahead in the university admissions process.

Online Conferences for Students

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GP Live

What makes an excellent doctor? When the presenting problem could be anything, what questions should you ask to establish the diagnosis? If you only have ten minutes with your patient, how do you build trust? With real patients, led by an experienced GP, students explored all these questions and more.


Over two days of exciting sessions, we explored topics like technology trends, what it’s like to work at a start-up, and how entrepreneurs are navigating these turbulent times. We heard from experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and startup founders.

Mock Trial Live

What’s it like to be accused of murder? If you were a barrister whose client was alleged to have committed the most serious of crimes how would your construct your defence? In our live mock trial, two barristers battled it out and the students were the jurors.

Spend the Weekend at a Virtual Conference or Event

online conferences in oxford

Our Conferences & Events connect curious students from around the world with hand-picked subject matter experts. During the event, you’ll participate in talks, seminars and workshops about innovative topics in a subject you’re most passionate about.

After the event, parents are invited to a seminar where they can ask the experts about how best to prepare their child for future success in their chosen field.

Students typically attend live, allowing them to interact in real-time with our speakers by asking questions and taking part in the practical elements of the event. However, if you’re not able to join any of our live sessions, you’ll have access to all recordings afterwards, including the Parents’ Seminar.

Our Online Conferences & Events give students:

  • Access to leading, inspirational figures in their chosen field
  • Practical insights and hands-on experience of what studying their subject is like
  • Exposure to new ideas on the cutting-edge of their field
  • Insights into the university application process, including any relevant admissions tests
  • Evidence of passion for a subject and initiative in pursuing interests beyond the school curriculum
  • Knowledge of areas of their subject they may not have come across before
  • Ideas for the types of careers to pursue after graduating from their chosen field

Conferences & Events FAQs

Will my Conference or Event be held live?
That's right, all our Conferences & Live Events are held live, so you'll be able to participate in real time with other attendees and interact live with our speakers.
Which platform do you use to host the Conferences & Live Events?
Our events are held live over Zoom. We use a meeting format, rather than a webinar format, so that students can keep their cameras on and interact fully with our speakers and with other attendees. You'll have the opportunity to take an active part in the day, which many of our students find very valuable!
Will I get a certificate after my Oxford Scholastica Online Conference or Event?
Yes, after attending one of our Conferences or Events, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for your records.
Do I need any special equipment in order to attend Oxford Scholastica Online Conferences or Events?
You don’t need any special equipment in order to attend our online Conferences & Events. All you need is a computer with a stable Internet connection. We recommend that you also have a webcam and microphone so that you can take an active role and participate fully on the day, but if you would prefer not to appear on screen this is not compulsory. If possible, please try to sit in a quiet place so that you can concentrate fully on the event!


This conference was definitely a once in a lifetime experience! I learned so much from the amazing speakers and my peers about the subject matter and had many interesting discussions concerning the topic involved.


Headshot of Antonio, an online conferences student

Canada, Law

The Medicine Conference experience was above and beyond my expectations. I learned a great deal. The speakers were top notch and the whole program was very well done. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Headshot of Robert, an Online Medicine Conference student

USA, Medicine

We learned many different things related to how to build a company! The best part was when we worked in groups and discussed methods for business growth. I would recommend these programs to other students!


Headshot of Sandro, a Business Online Conference student

Georgia, Business

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