Online Conferences

Online Conferences

Our Online Conferences offer students the chance to explore cutting-edge topics in their chosen subject, interact with experts, and get ahead in the university admissions process.
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Online Conferences

We’re pleased to bring you our online Weekend Subject Conferences.

These are two-day interactive Conferences, connecting curious students from around the world with subject experts for talks, seminars and workshops about cutting-edge topics in a subject you’re passionate about.

Each Conference takes place over a weekend, and you can choose to join us for one or both days of each Conference. Join us live for the programme so that you can interact with our speakers, ask questions (you can even join us on our virtual stage to put your questions to our speakers directly!) and take part in hands-on sessions from home. Recordings will also be available to watch afterwards for any sessions you’re not able to join live, including the Parents’ Seminar.

Read more about the Conferences we have coming up next below.

Upcoming Conferences

BizCon 2020


Disrupted: How 2020 Will Change Business Forever


12th-13th December 2020 | Online


Do you want to get an insider’s take on what this unprecedented year will mean for business, and what the future could hold?

From tech trends, to working in start-ups, to stories from the frontline of entrepreneurship, join us for two action-packed days of exciting sessions.

Whether you’re interested in studying business or economics at university, or want to build a business empire of your own, you’ll have the chance to connect with inspiring experts and expand your business knowledge alongside curious students from across the globe.

You’ll leave the Conference with a powerful combination of rich subject insights, a deeper understanding of what a career in business entails and practical tips for submitting a successful university application.

LawCon 2020


Breaking the Rules: Everything You Never Knew About Law


19th-20th December 2020 | Online

It’s easy to think you know what studying law is like. But it’s not all power suits, legal textbooks and courtroom dramas!

At LawCon, you’ll get a fresh perspective on contemporary legal issues and an invaluable opportunity to network with leading lawyers in a variety of different legal fields.

By challenging your perceptions and answering your questions, LawCon will enable you to prepare a successful university application and equip you for your future in law.

Over these two days, we’ll open your mind to many diverse areas of law as well as the multitude of career options available.

You’ll leave the Conference with an honest and unique insight into what studying and practising law is really like.

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All our Conferences are designed:

  • To give you access to leading, inspirational figures in your chosen field
  • To expose you to new ideas on the cutting-edge of your field
  • To demystify the university application process for your subject, including any relevant admissions tests that prospective applicants must take
  • To provide you with evidence of your passion for your subject and initiative in pursuing your interests beyond the school curriculum
  • To spark your interest in areas of your subject you may not have come across before
  • To give you an idea of the careers available for graduates of your chosen field, in all sectors, and the breadth of opportunities available to you
  • To include a dedicated session for parents, aimed at answering questions, providing advice and demystifying the application process.

Previous Conferences

MedCon 2020


The Future of Medicine – And Why It’s Not What You Think


October 2020 | Online

This Conference connected students with doctors, medical students, MedTech entrepreneurs and medical school admissions experts for a day of exploring the future of the field of Medicine. 

Programme highlights: 

  • A keynote speech from Professor Harald Schmidt, on the Future of Medicine
  • A Day in the Life of a Junior Doctor: panel discussion with three Junior Doctors
  • MedTech and The Future of Medicine: panel discussion featuring two MedTech entrepreneurs
  • Studying Medicine in the time of COVID-19, with a current Medicine student
  • How to Ace the BMAT and Medical School Interviews
  • Medical School Personal Statements

I would definitely recommend a similar conference to other students! The seminars and guest speakers were really insightful. I enjoyed this so much, and I can’t wait to come back to any other events. Thank you so much for hosting it! 


Medicine Conference, October 2020

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