What Are the Benefits of an International Relations Summer School?

13 Dec, 2023 | Blog Articles, Politics Articles

In today’s world of globalisation and interconnected societies, international relations has become an increasingly valuable field, playing a key role in how countries interact with one another – preventing and managing conflicts, and encouraging cooperation and coordination across nations.

An International Relations summer school teaches international politics, rising world powers, and the global study of leadership. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn about our political landscape and the influence of global institutions such as the United Nations.

What Is an International Relations Summer School?

An International Relations summer school is an academic programme, either residential or online, for students interested in pursuing a degree in International Relations or Politics at university. 

With a combination of classes, cultural activities and networking opportunities, an International Relations summer school plays a unique role in a student’s academic and personal development. 

An Oxford Scholastica summer school combines tutorial-style teaching with hands-on learning – like participating in a Model UN! – for an immersive and transformational educational experience. 

What Will I Learn at an International Relations Summer School?

Here are just a few of the knowledge and skills you’ll develop at an International Relations summer school:

1. A solid understanding of global affairs

International Relations summer schools offer a comprehensive understanding of global affairs, challenges and potential solutions. As a subject not typically taught as part of the secondary school curriculum, a summer school is an excellent opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about contemporary issues affecting a variety of industries. 

Students explore geopolitical issues, international organisations and diplomatic relations to gain insights into the complexities of the current global landscape. This includes important topics like climate change, human rights and international security.

2. Strong cross-communication skills

An especially valuable part of an International Relations summer school is the development of cross-cultural communication, negotiation and diplomacy skills. 

Students have the opportunity to take part in simulated diplomatic relations, collaborating with peers from around the globe. These communication and collaborative skills are key to success in areas of politics, diplomacy, business and international cooperation, as well as being highly-valued transferable skills across different careers and disciplines.

3. Critical thinking and analytical abilities

In an International Relations summer school, students are also supported in developing strong critical thinking and analytical abilities. These skills naturally evolve as students analyse complex international issues and policy-making processes to consider different solutions and perspectives. 

Critical thinking lays the foundation for university-level study and many future career opportunities, so these skills are extremely valuable to strengthen and develop. 

4. Conflict resolution and effective decision making

Conflict resolution and effective decision making are really important in mitigating global conflicts and achieving diplomatic solutions, so it’s especially valuable to practise these skills in action. 

During an Oxford Scholastica International Relations summer school, students participate in mock crisis scenarios, analysis of real-world case studies, and Model UN simulations to gain hands-on experience of these practical skills, setting themselves up for future success!

What Are the Benefits of an International Relations Summer School?

Here are the top three benefits of attending an International Relations summer school:

1. Interesting material for your personal statement and university applications

The unique insights gained during an International Relations summer school will significantly boost your university application. By providing opportunities to showcase specific projects, discussions or experiences, it’s an ideal way to make your personal statement stand out or impress an interviewer. 

Having concrete examples to draw upon is an extremely effective way to demonstrate your individual passion, motivation and commitment to the field. 

Oxford Scholastica students participating in a Model UN

2. Network with peers from around the world

An Oxford Scholastica Academy summer school is structured around small class sizes and interactive learning opportunities, giving each student a chance to interact with like-minded peers and professional experts from all over the world. 

Our students graduate with a professional network of connections around the world to support them in their future academic and professional pursuits. 

3. Immerse yourself in a new culture

Studying at an international summer school offers a unique chance to experience different cultures. It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with students from different countries and backgrounds, preparing you for the transition to university. 

Although this can sometimes feel daunting, it’s also a great way to cultivate memories for life! By experiencing life outside of the culture you grew up in, you’ll develop global awareness and a valuable understanding of the world we live in.

An International Relations summer school is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience for the future, develop your knowledge to boost your university application, and build a professional network to kickstart a successful career! 


By Jessica Mason

Jessica is currently studying a BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford, and has a particular interest in Early Modern theatre. She enjoys writing articles and has lots of experience in student journalism.

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