Contemplating getting a degree in Psychology through a number of universities or how to become a Psychologist can be daunting. Every institution offers its unique take on the subject, and Oxford Scholastica Academy understands the importance of helping aspiring psychology students make informed decisions.

Ever wondered about the daily life of a psychology undergraduate? How do lectures, lab work, and study sessions unfold? Or perhaps, how students balance academic rigors with personal time?

Oxford Scholastica Academy presents an authentic glimpse into the world of psychology undergraduates. Our commitment to ensuring that high school students have the necessary tools for college preparation has led us to document genuine student experiences across universities.

Day in the Life of a Psychology Student at Roehampton University (Video)

To give you a deeper insight, below is a video featuring Rowan, a proud alumna of Oxford Scholastica’s Psychology summer school programme. Thriving as a psychology student at Roehampton University, Rowan shares a day in her life, offering you a sneak peek into lectures, research projects, student interactions, and much more.

Discover the intricate details of a psychology course at Roehampton University through the eyes of someone who’s experienced the holistic training provided by Oxford Scholastica and now dives into university studies.

This video aims to bridge the gap between high school aspirations and university realities, showcasing what it truly means to embark on a psychology course and the rich experiences it offers.

So, if you’re looking to gain insights about studying psychology at university and want to make sure your choice aligns with your aspirations, don’t miss out on Rowan’s comprehensive guide. Her journey, from an Oxford Scholastica summer school student to a budding psychologist at Roehampton, could be the roadmap you’ve been searching for.


Essential Steps for Aspiring Psychology Students

As you continue to explore the fascinating realm of Psychology and contemplate your next educational step, equipping yourself with the right resources and experiences is paramount.

Get a head start in Psychology at our Summer School

Ever imagined diving deep into the intricacies of human behaviour and cognition? Our Psychology Summer School offers a unique window into this world, enabling students to grasp foundational concepts, engage in stimulating discussions, and build a strong foundation for future studies.

For those looking to gain knowledge from the comfort of their homes, our online summer courses are crafted meticulously, ensuring a blend of theory and practice.

Dive Deeper into the World of Psychology

To augment your understanding and fuel your passion for psychology, delve into our recommended list of top psychology books. These literary gems encompass theories, case studies, and discoveries that have shaped the discipline, offering profound insights for both novices and aficionados.

Furthermore, navigate through our comprehensive guide on what you can do with a psychology degree. Learn the various career paths available for psychology graduates. From clinical psychology to organizational behaviour and consumer insights, discover the multifaceted opportunities a degree in psychology will give you access to.




Rowan attended the Oxford Scholastica Neuroscience Summer School in the summer of 2016, and went on to achieve three unconditional offers from universities.

She is now in her first year studying Psychology at the University of Roehampton, in South West London, and aims to continue on to post-graduate study.