Psychology & Neuroscience Academy

(for ages 15 to 18)

Are you thinking of studying psychology? This course will give you an authentic university experience and a head start in understanding key psychology concepts.

You’ll learn how to research effectively, how to think critically and how to communicate your findings. You’ll study alongside ambitious students from all over the world. And you’ll leave with magical memories of a summer spent in historic Oxford.

Oxford Scholastica Academy student learning at the Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy at the Oxford Summer School

Key Facts

Location: University of Oxford campus
Ages: 15–18
Class size: Maximum 15 students
Fees: £6,995 £6,495 if booked by 31st Dec
Length: 2 weeks
Dates: 30th June-13th July, 14th-27th July, 28th July-10th August 2024
Receive: Graduation Certificate & Letter of Recommendation


Our courses combine tutorial-style teaching with practical challenges and debates. Small class sizes and expert tutors help you dive deep into your chosen subject area.

By joining our Experience Psychology and Neuroscience Academy, you’ll get to:

  • Deepen your understanding of key topics – including love and attachment, mood and intelligence – and learn crucial practical skills – such as how to devise and interpret primary research – under the guidance of expert tutors from leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Meet a successful young professional from this field to learn about their journey and the lessons of their success.
  • Put your skills and ability to work in a team to the test in our Psychology Challenge, in which you’ll develop a research study, collect data from other students and present your findings.
  • Develop skills in high demand by universities and employers, such as public speaking, critical thinking and teamwork, via our Masterclasses.
  • Build your global professional network by meeting students from all over the world and joining our alumni community.
  • Attend our Graduation Ceremony at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, and get a Graduation Certificate and personalised Letter of Recommendation from your tutor.
Oxford Scholastica Academy student learning about Psychology at the Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy in Oxford


What better way to learn about a career than to talk to someone who’s living it? Our Heroes programme enables you to meet a successful young professional who has gone on to build a career in psychology and neuroscience. You’ll be able to:

  • Learn more about what a day in their life looks like
  • Understand more about the cutting edge aspect of the field that they work in, and hear their top career tips
  • Ask them your burning questions about their university experience and career path


Challenges are one of the most exciting parts of our programme! Halfway through our Experience Psychology and Neuroscience Academy, you’ll be given the chance to put your skills to the test during our Research Challenge. It’s certainly not the only practical activity you’ll do on your course – the course is full of opportunities to apply your skills – but for many of our students, it’s their highlight! You’ll get to:

  • Put your learning to the test in a fast-paced environment.
  • Design a research question to further our understanding of an aspect of individuality – whether it’s creativity, mood or personality.
  • You’ll then have the chance to interview and collect data from others to uncover the answer and present your findings at the end. Can you contribute to our knowledge of individuals and what makes people tick?
Oxford Scholastica Academy Tutor teaching Psychology at the Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy in Oxford

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Course programme

Course Outline

During our Experience Psychology and Neuroscience Academy, you’ll cover a range of challenging topics across nine classroom sessions.

Class 1: Discover Personality

Does your personality impact your success? You’ll discover how psychologists define and measure personality. We’ll also explore how a person’s personality impacts their success in life.

Class 2: Explore Love & Attachment

Do we really know what love is? We’ll explore different types of love that humans can have and discuss how children’s attachment to important people in their life can impact their development.

Class 3: Imaging the Brain

What is the link between the brain and behaviour? Can we ever use technology to truly “read the mind”? Learn how modern neuro-imaging techniques have helped us understand the mind, and explore the limitations of these methods.

Class 4: Creativity

How creative are you? Measure your own creativity and devise an intervention for enhancing an individual or company’s creativity.

Class 5: Language & Thought

How might your language affect how you think? We’ll explore how languages differ and discuss how difference in language can impact the way we think and approach problems.

Class 6: Intelligence

What does it mean to be ‘intelligent’? You’ll have the chance to look through different types of intelligence tests, and we’ll discuss the validity of these tests. We’ll also investigate some alternative views on what intelligence is.

Class 7: Explore Memory

What can you do to improve your memory? Discover the neuro-scientific evidence of how memory is organised in our minds and look into some strategies that can be used to enhance memory.

Class 8: Investigate Mood

Why do some people have mood swings? How do we diagnose a mood disorder? Explore how mood can be tested and affected, whether mood is related to personality, and how mood disorders are treated by clinical psychologists.

Class X
Your final class is based on your tutor’s personal expertise in the field, focusing on cutting-edge research that they’re passionate about.

Please note this course outline may be subject to change.

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