After their last proper lessons before Friday’s Class X exploring the future of their discipline, early in the afternoon our students got to enjoy the freedom of some free time, which many utilised to explore some parts of the city they had not previously or go to museums that they hadn’t yet visited.

Many students opted to take part in optional activities organised for them by staff members, such as a trip to the Ashmolean museum, the oldest museum in Britain, a football tournament on the university pitches, or taking the short journey to Bicester Village, a huge outlet shopping village just outside Oxford. Others opted to do their own thing, relaxing in Christ Church Meadow with friends, or even staying in the accommodation to practice their acts for the evening’s Talent Show!

After the students had returned from their free time it was time for their dinner in one of Oxford’s local restaurants. Once everyone was full and prepared they made their way to the Newman Rooms, home to our very own talent show for the evening. A huge number or acts performed, and they all did brilliantly, presenting us with a wide range of entertainment, from singing to dancing to art to poetry and beyond!