Joachim Punting

Today, OSA students got to experience two quintessentially Oxonian pastimes – punting and picnicking. After wrapping up classes, private study and enjoying their lunch break in the sun, everyone headed down to the Cherwell Boathouse to try their hand at punting. Punting is an new experience for most of our students, but is very popular during summer weekends in Oxford.

Relaxing in Punt

Adventurous students volunteered to be the punters, and others decided they preferred the (slightly) more relaxing experience of being a passenger. With a captive and capsizable audience the students maneuvered their punts down the river, trying hard not to bump into other boats, the riverbank, and the trees. Joachim was one of the fast learners, guiding his boat masterfully and reaching the furthest down river.

Punting in Oxford

After a successful afternoon punting, everyone made their way to the nearby University Parks where a picnic awaited them. Full of sandwiches, brownies, cakes and fruit, some students decided to relax on the grass and chat. Others were quick to start games of football, Ultimate Frisbee, and ‘Ninja’ (although we still aren’t sure if the rules to ‘Ninja’ were made up on the spot!) Ahmed was the Most Valuable Player of the night, as both football teams tried to bribe him to be on their side, and Ali showed off her speed and determination by dominating the pitch.


After dinner and sports, most students decided to head back to the accommodation to catch the Euro 2016 Semi-final between Portugal and Wales. The Portuguese students were especially ecstatic when Ronaldo and Nani scored a goal each and propelled Portugal to the Finals!