On the penultimate day of the summer school, students got to enjoy two of our most popular activities! First we were greeted with bright sunshine which allowed us to finally try our hands at punting on the river Cherwell in the afternoon. Some students were more adept at this strange form of transportation than others, and Maarten needs particular recognition for his almost professional abilities.

Regardless of the punters’ skills, all the groups had a great time laughing on the river, and every boat made it back to shore in time for dinner out at Gloucester Green. After the meal, everyone headed off to watch out talent show, where students performed all kinds of acts, including, singing, dancing, art, and even an incredible display of magic from Victor which astounded everyone – not least Shannon, the talent show judge whom he kindly allowed to be his assistant in the tricks!

It was an incredible evening, seeing the amazing talents of our students, and their community spirit, as shown by the St Thomas’ students who managed to get everyone in their house to do a rendition of the Cha Cha Slide! The evening was topped off by an all-singing, all-dancing rendition of ‘We’re All In This Together,’ which summed up the spirit of the summer school, and left everyone tired, but happy.