Pitt Rivers Museum

Thursday was the penultimate day of classes, during which the students focused on their final assignments and projects. Following classes and private study time, everyone had the opportunity to go out and revisit favorite museums, restaurants, and shops around Oxford.

Natural History Museum

Some students decided to head to the Natural History Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum to get a glimpse of Oxford University’s archaeological collection from all over the world. Others headed out to High Tea to experience a quintessentially British pastime of tea and scones.

Martin Playing Guitar

In the evening, after dinner, students gathered for the much-anticipated Oxford’s Got Talent show. With both houses presenting solo and group acts, the night was filled with music, card tricks, performances along with a few rousing Frozen covers. The night culminated with a large dance party to the tunes of ABBA with all the students practicing their 70’s dance moves.

Talent Show Performance