Beginning the second week of the summer school, everyone was starting to delve deeper into their respective subjects. After class, free time and independent study we all went to the Oxford Union for our Debating Masterclass. The students were taught the British Parliamentary style of debating, which is more interactive with points of information interrupting your opponent’s well prepared speech. Despite the broad range of debating experience in the group, the debates were fiercely fought and several students in the school revealed themselves as brilliant speakers. Taking a break for dinner, we had Mission Burrito in the shadow of the famous debating chamber while we listened to Kate C’s impassioned argument on the superiority of dogs to cats. The Oxford Union has a tradition of inviting famous and exceptional individuals to give speeches and our students also had their chance to step up in the finals of the debating. Competing in the finals were the pairs of Elizabeth & Mateusz, Alyzeh & Emily, Alana & Erich and the overall winning pair, Bruno and Asim. Alyzeh won best speech in the final while Ujala and Subhaga get credit for best speeches outside of the final. After a long day of talking and thinking on their feet everyone happily headed off to sleep.