Discover Technology Academy

(for ages 12 to 14)

Are you interested in technology and fascinated by how things work?

Oxford Scholastica’s Discover Technology Academy will give you hands-on experience in the fields of Computing and Engineering as you learn alongside like-minded students from around the world.

Oxford Scholastica Academy student typing on the laptop at the Discover Technology Academy at the Oxford Summer School

Key Facts

Location: University of Oxford campus
Ages: 12–14
Class size: Maximum 15 students
Fees: £6,995 £6,495 if booked by 31st Dec
Length: 2 weeks
Dates: 30th June-13th July, 14th-27th July, 28th July-10th August 2024
Receive: Graduation Certificate & Letter of Recommendation



Our courses combine university-style teaching with practical challenges and engaging debates. Small classes and expert tutors help you dive deep into the world of all things tech.


By joining our Discover Technology Academy, you will:


  • Explore introductory technology concepts, learn the basics of electronics and try website coding, all under the guidance of expert tutors from leading universities.
  • Polish skills that will set you up for future success at school and beyond, including public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork in our Masterclasses.
  • Make friends from around the world and join our global alumni community, building your network with other engaged, curious young people.
  • Attend our Graduation Ceremony at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, and get a Graduation Certificate and personal Letter of Recommendation from your tutor.
Oxford Scholastica Academy Summer School students studying and learning at the Discover Technology Academy in Oxford
Oxford Scholastica Academy Tutor teaching the Discover Technology Academy students at the Oxford Summer School


What better way to learn about a career than to talk to someone who’s living it? Our Heroes programme enables you to meet a successful young professional who has gone on to build a career in technology. You’ll be able to:

  • Learn more about what a day in their life looks like
  • Understand more about the cutting edge aspect of the technological field that they work in, and hear their top career tips
  • Ask them your burning questions about their university experience and career path



Challenges are one of the most exciting parts of our programme! Halfway through our Discover Technology Academy, you’ll be given the chance to put your skills to the test during our Rocket Challenge.

It’s certainly not the only practical activity you’ll do on your course – the programme is full of opportunities to apply your skills – but for many of our students, it’s definitely a highlight!


  • Put your technology knowledge to the test by designing a new rocket.
  • Work with the Discover Business students to pitch your rocket to a panel of investors.
  • Try and persuade the judging panel that your rocket is the best – will you be on the winning team?
Oxford Scholastica Academy students learning about technology at the Discover Technology Academy at the Oxford Summer School

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Course programme

Course Outline

In our Discover Technology Academy, you’ll cover a range of challenging topics across nine classroom sessions.

Class 1: Discover Rockets

Explore what a rocket is and the concepts required to design and build simple and complex rockets.

Class 2: Explore Electronics

Study how electricity and electromagnets make machines work.

Class 3: Photonics

Explore photonics – the science of generating and harnessing light – and how photonic systems work.

Class 4: Maths in Engineering & Computing

Explore how basic mathematical concepts underpin engineering and computer science.

Class 5: Introduction to HTML

Discover the basic building blocks of web pages.

Class 6: Introduction to CSS

Learn about the different ways of styling a website.

Class 7: Make Your Own Website

Put your HTML and CSS knowledge to the test as you create your own website.

Class 8: The Future of Technology

Explore examples of how cutting-edge technology could change our lives and humanity’s future.

Class X
Your final class is based on your tutor’s personal expertise in the field, focusing on cutting-edge research that they’re passionate about.

Please note this course outline may be subject to change.

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