Students’ introductory classes kicked off their day yesterday, with everyone eager to get to know their coursemates and tutors, and discover more about what they will be learning over the next two weeks. They were also treated to a welcome talk by our Directors, Jamie and Sophie, in which they got to know a little more about Oxford Scholastica and what to expect from their time here.

After their first taste of class, it was time for an early lunch before the tours of Oxford began. Our Activities Coordinators led walking tours around the city, pointing out historic places, telling stories, and showing students their favourite places to visit later in the course. Some highlights were the famous Radcliffe Square, and being able to see inside some colleges!

In the evening it was time for them to put all this new knowledge to the test, with an Oxford Scavenger Hunt! Points were awarded for speed, as well as successfully answering questions about Oxford’s history, naming buildings, and even finding (and drawing!) a gargoyle that resembles a staff member. An extra point was also given to ‘The Wizards of Ox’ for their fabulous team name! The students did a great job of remembering all that they’d been told earlier in the day, and managed to take some very convincing ‘graduation’ photos…

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