What Is Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent?

05 Jan, 2024 | Blog Articles, Get the Edge

“Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent” is the highlight of a summer at the Oxford Scholastica Academy! 

At the end of our two-week residential programmes, we host our very own talent show for students and staff, commemorating all of the friendships and memories made over the summer.

It’s a vibrant event where students can express their creativity through performances, music, dance – and more! – to the entire cohort, cheered on by their peers and tutors. 

“Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent” is a beautiful way to share different cultural forms of entertainment like traditional dances and music; cross-cultural collaboration happens inside and outside the classroom on our summer programme.

What Is the Oxford Scholastica Academy?

Group of Oxford Scholastica Academy students at graduation

The Oxford Scholastica Academy is a pre-university summer school, focusing on academic enrichment and personal development. 

Our courses balance academia with social and cultural experiences to provide an unforgettable summer schedule

Students have the unique chance to explore a subject of their choice beyond the typical school curriculum, and gain valuable skills and experience for university-level study.

What Is Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent?

“Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent” is a talent show run by our residential staff for the enjoyment of the entire student cohort. It’s a chance for the students to showcase their creativity, share their talents, and support their new friends. 

A true highlight of the programme, “Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent” is a roaring success year after year, full of laughter as we approach the end of a life-changing summer. 

The staff ensure that the atmosphere at the talent show is inclusive and encouraging, so that all students feel comfortable performing anything from piano recitals to Taylor Swift tributes!

Group of Oxford Scholastica students forming a circle and looking down at the camera

I. When does the talent show happen?

The talent show is usually the penultimate evening of the summer school, so the Thursday before graduation. By this point, everyone is friends and an easy, welcoming environment has been established – so performing in front of the group is more thrilling than daunting! 

It’s also a fantastic way to keep the mood up as many students are understandably sad to say goodbye to their newfound friends at the end of the week.  

“Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent” is a great way to spend the evening before your final full day, and make some final memories to take with you after graduation!

II. Who takes part in “Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent”?

Sign-ups for the talent show open in the second week of the summer school, and all keen students are encouraged to put their name down.

We encourage students to express their creativity, but participation isn’t compulsory. If you simply want to support and spectate, you’re still guaranteed an unforgettable evening!

III. What are some examples of previous acts?

In previous years, the range of talents has been vast, and we’re always surprised with what our students come up with! 

A pair of identical twin brothers delighted the crowd with a truly magical teleportation act; cross-house solidarity was seen in a very crowded performance of the Macarena; students have been wowed by tear-jerking piano recitals, and surprised by hidden musical talents! We have laughed through a rapped performance of a Dr. Seuss book, and cheered for some truly gifted singers. 

All in all, our students never fail to impress us with the diversity and creativity of their acts, as well as their bravery and confidence in performing.  

Our fantastic staff are always keen to get involved too, and the students love to see their Activities Coordinators and Heads of Houses on stage alongside them!

Excited Oxford Scholastica student, gasping at camera

IV. Are there judges?

“Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent” is presided over by four judges, typically the students’ Heads of Houses. 

However, their role is less to critique and more to praise. The judges’ goal is to ensure that each performer gets their flowers! The show is light-hearted and fun, and so is the judging!

What Other Events Are Part of the Oxford Scholastica Academy Programme?

Just like “Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent”, the summer school programme takes place outside, as well as inside, the classroom! 

Our students have the opportunity to participate in activities like punting, and day-trips to Blenheim Palace and Windsor Castle. This means our students come away with deep cultural enrichment and strong memories of their time in Oxford. 

We also place a great emphasis on cross-cultural team building, which we facilitate through sports sessions, ranging from football to basketball to paddleboarding! 

During our frequent Activities Nights, students are able to join in on a range of activities to suit their tastes, like video game competitions and crochet Masterclasses. It’s often in these relaxed moments that our students form lifelong friendships and make their fondest memories! 

Group of students on a river boat for the Oxford Scholastica's International Boat Ball

“Oxford Scholastica’s Got Talent” is a light-hearted evening of fun, and a truly valuable part of the summer school experience. 

We believe that by giving our students the chance to share and celebrate each other’s talents, they cement precious connections with their peers and end the two-week programme on an excellent note! 

If you’re thinking of joining us in Oxford this summer, we encourage you to embrace the opportunity to enjoy this unique and memorable event! You’re sure to look back on it fondly, and grow from the challenge.


By Lisa Muttonen

Lisa Muttonen worked as a Head of House at Oxford Scholastica Academy’s summer school in 2023. She recently completed a BA in Jurisprudence and French Law at the University of Oxford. Her interests lie in feminist legal theory, particularly in the international law context, and she hopes to pursue a career applying her skills and education to the international women’s aid effort. Lisa currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a view to undertaking a Master’s there in International Relations.

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