Although the festive season is in full swing and New Year celebrations are just around the corner, many of our students will be facing exams in January. It can difficult to balance our desire to relax with the need to prepare for assessments.

Here is an amusing take on how to revise:

At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, we have come up with our five top tips on how to survive the holiday season:

  • Get a Routine Going – During holidays, it’s easy to get off track and get caught up in the fun. Try to get a timetable where you slot in study alongside play.
  • Keep your Notes Handy – We’re often on the move on vacation. So don’t underestimate time on the train, plane, bus or even 30 minutes in the back of a car. Every little helps!
  • Study Buddies – You’ll want to see your friends, so why not combine some study time with them and then reward yourself with some leisure time (be it shopping malls or the Xbox!)
  • Get Family Involved – Christmas is a time for giving, so why not ask your parents or siblings to quiz you on your subjects.
  • You Can Say No – There’ll be plenty of opportunities to socialise during the holiday with friends or family, so you don’t have to say yes to every social occasion. Miss the odd event and devote that to study and you’ll feel a lot better.

Above all, make sure that you’re productive – the worst thing is to sit in front of your books for hours depriving yourself of fun but not making any progress!