Cherwell House Summer Blogs

Sunday 14th to Saturday 27th July 2019

Monday 15th July 2019


Our first full day here at Cherwell was jam-packed, with our students first heading to meet their tutors, who will be teaching them for the duration of their two weeks here in Oxford. As well as meeting their classes, they had introductory lessons in their field, which were fascinating by all accounts! They also had their official welcome from our team, including Deputy Director Louise, Lavinia and our matrons Pascha and Tessa.



After a quick break for lunch, our wonderful team led tours around Oxford, stopping to highlight some key points of interest including the Bodleian Library, the Sheldonian Theatre and, of course, Moo Moos milkshake parlour. Cherwell’s own local, Ruth, was especially enthusiastic about this last stop. While wandering the streets of Oxford, Gia, Shraya, Kyle and Danni staged a competition to see who could sustain an English accent for the longest. Gia had already impressed her Business and Management Prep class with her Dickensian abilities, and they prevailed to get her the victory this time, too.



In independent study time in the afternoon, our AC Eliza introduced a group of our students to the biro pen, which was popular with Kate and Carla – although their enthusiasm for them left Ruth, Eliza and Sophie rather bemused.



To finish off the day, the students headed out in teams to complete a scavenger hunt around the town. Team Athena stole the victory with a wonderful 42 points! After such a packed day of getting to know the city and each other, we spent the evening relaxing with some local ice cream, before heading to bed ahead of another busy day tomorrow!





Sunday 14th July 2019


Our wonderful team here at Cherwell were ready and raring to welcome our Summer School 3 students on Sunday morning. We were delighted to meet such a lovely group of young people, and thrilled to see friendships forming in the common room almost as soon as bags had been dropped in rooms!



Once everyone had arrived, we kicked off the summer school with a barbecue in our courtyard here at the house. Fantastic food was followed by some fun ice breakers led by our Activities Coordinators (or ACs as we like to call them here at OSA). We had Jessie leading a game of name aerobics, Eliza in charge of rather dramatic games of Splat!, and Sophie got everyone finding out more about each other in ‘The Sunshine’s On…’.



After a lot of travelling, making lots of friends and playing some high energy games, our group were all pretty tired and headed to bed ahead of a busy day getting to know the city tomorrow!