Are you considering studying English Literature at university? Do you want to find out more information about what courses at different institutions are like, to find out which might be best for you?

It’s true that the content of courses can differ significantly between universities. Therefore, getting insights from actual students can be invaluable in helping you make informed decisions about your future.

What Is It Like to Study English at Oxford University? (Video)

Below is a video featuring Matthias. He takes you on a journey through his experience studying English Literature at the University of Oxford, detailing the course structure and sharing why he believed it was the ideal choice for him.

Study English in Oxford

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Matthias is in his third year studying English Literature at Exeter College, Oxford. English Literature at Oxford splits into two different courses (titled Course 1, and Course 2) after the first year of study and Matthias has opted to take Course 2, focusing more explicitly on medieval texts and language. Outside of his studies, Matthias holds a Choral Scholarship at Exeter and sings with the College Chapel Choir for their thrice-weekly services.