Tuesday began with classes and independent study for all students – courses were working their way through their curricula and assignment deadlines were beginning to loom on the horizon. The afternoon was a welcome change of pace with our Volunteering and Change the World Masterclasses.

Guys volunteering

A group of students headed down to Hogacre Common, a green community space in the West of Oxford, to take part in gardening and building projects as part of our Volunteering Masterclass. Russell and Pietro were especially excited to participate and spent the afternoon moving wheelbarrows of weeds and tending the garden.

Smiling girl volunteering

Other students selected to participate in the Change the World Masterclass where we discussed different changes students wanted to see in the world. A number of our students are already leading interesting projects all over the world so it was great to hear from them about how they got involved in their causes. Students also worked through an exercise planning how they would affect change by breaking a plan down into short and long term goals.

Hogacre volunteers

After a long day of classes and Masterclasses, everyone was glad for a relaxed evening in the accommodation which culminated in the Record Games before bed. Record Games gave students the opportunity to challenge the top scores of previous summers in iconic summer school events such as doughnut eating and hula hooping. Once the games has closed, the students were all glad for the opportunity to get to sleep in preparation for Windsor the following day.

Volunteering at Hogacre Comon