After lunch today, it was time for everyone to meet for the Social Impact Conference, an exciting opportunity for our students to learn more about how they can impact the world in positive ways and really make a difference, no matter what they go on to do.

We heard talks from a variety of speakers, including Ab Brightman, who was involved in setting up the Bears for Belarus campaign, which even caught the attention of the UK government, when she was only 17 years old, and who set our students a task to think about an issue they would like to raise awareness of, and how they could start a small campaign about this. We also heard from Ruth, co-founder of the South Oxford Food and Education Alliance (SOFEA) who spoke about her path to setting up the charity, and the problems they face, then opened up the floor to our students to think about how they would tackle some of these issues.

Elsewhere, students who had elected to take part in the workshop were meeting Rupert, from Oxford based charity Keen, which provides support and activities for children with learning disabilities. Here students were tasked with creating their own social enterprise, and has to think about all aspects of the business from funding, to engaging people, to working with other organisations.

In the second session we heard from Sarah and Raul, from FarmAbility, another local charity, who challenged our students to think about their cultural differences and what we can learn from each other by discussing attitudes towards the disabled and elderly in their respective countries. Mike Foster was our final speaker, and gave a thought-provoking presentation on how following a corporate career path does not preclude you from making a social impact, as he discussed his own social choices, both in and out of the workplace.

Once we had all eaten dinner most students elected to settle down for a quiet film night, to take a break from the hectic schedule and get some well deserved rest before their early trip to Cambridge!