The morning began with classes and independent study, providing students with the perfect opportunity to catch up on any homework that they still had to finish.
After lunch it was time for everyone to meet for the social impact conference, an exciting opportunity for our students to learn more about how they can impact the world in positive ways and really make a difference.

Our first talk was held by two individuals who through their own actions and enterprise have set up different start ups that have a profound impact on their community. One was an app that enabled donations to be given to homeless individuals, ensuring they could spend their money responsibly assisting with saving and budgeting. The second provided a warehouse space to help young people that struggled with conventional education, not only developing their employment skills but also making a difference in the classroom through the extra help they got in education.
After a short break we had a second wave of speakers. We had a talk on climate change and different ways we can make even a small change in our day to day lives to add up to a big difference. The students really got stuck in, thinking of ways to encourage their school to get involved and help the environment through their initiatives.

The second talk went into more detail on ways that our students can organize themselves to challenge political injustice and issues they were passionate about. Our talk was given by a young activist who had been part of different pressure groups which have successfully seen issues tackled on an international level. Our students found this particularly interesting as they discussed different issues they were passionate about and any previous experience they had on making a change even on a small scale.

Once we had all eaten dinner our students got the chance to choose an activity to take part in for free time with yoga, choir and salsa all available for our students to enjoy!