Discover how our students and parents have felt about their Oxford Scholastica Academy experience.

Student Feedback 2018

Everything we do at OSA is aimed at giving our students one of the most memorable and impactful summers of their lives. Here’s what our 2018 students thought of their experience:

out of 10 students would recommend us to a friend

out of 10 had one of the most memorable summers of their life

out of 10 said that they now have greater certainty about their future direction

I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for this wonderful experience that I was given a chance to go through! Everything about the 2 weeks at your camp that I spent there was amazing! Thank you so much, you were definitely right, this was probably the most memorable summer of my life.

Thank you and Sophie and everyone else from the Oxford Scholastica team (Georgia, Ade, Henry, Kit and Molly) for making this experience so wonderful and exciting.

Also, I would like to say thank you to our Debate and Public Speaking tutor, Ewan, from whom I believe I learned and gained a lot of knowledge and interesting facts that I didn’t know before.

So, once again, thank you very much for everything! It was unforgettable!

Paulina Mateo

Russia, Debate & Public Speaking Academy

This summer school has to be the best! It was incredibly inspiring and full of brilliant personalities.
Tyson Feng

Australia, Enterprise Academy

Thank you so much! I’ve had an amazing time and when Jamie said that he hoped that this would be one of the best summers of our lives, I was sceptical as I’ve had some great ones, but this definitely was THE best summer I’ve had!

On the feedback form, you asked us to summarise our experience in a quote, truth is, that’s impossible, you’d need several books to describe all the fun we had. I met wonderful people who I hope that I will keep in contact and did things I never would have done otherwise. So thanks for making this summer exceptional!

Jessie Hewison

UK, Maths Academy

Oxford Scholastica has been the most memorable experience! You meet people from every continent here. The tutors are extremely friendly and open minded. The Masterclasses are extremely fun and interactive. I will never forget this experience!
Shannon Doctor

India, Law Academy

These past two weeks have been absolutely amazing. At first I was nervous about coming, but I’m completely grateful I went for it. I’ve made memories and friendships I will never be able to forget.
Andrea Bonilla

USA, Young Doctors' Academy

Thanks to Scholastica I’m going back home with 77 more people in my family – it was one of the best times I’ve ever had.
Syed Alyaan Ahmed

Pakistan, Enterprise Academy

“A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step”. Oxford Scholastica has held my hand and took me through my very first step towards my ambition of becoming a doctor.
Su Hwa Wei

Malaysia, Young Doctors' Academy

Oxford Scholastica was a very memorable summer camp. I got to enjoy the beautiful city of Oxford and learn a lot about my chosen course and myself. I think Oxford Scholastica is a great way to spend two weeks of the summer and I would recommend everyone to do it.
Celia Martin

Spain, Law Academy

This summer school helped me with one of my biggest issues: What to do in the future? It allowed me to see if the subject I’m the most interested in is the one I should study. And I got an answer- Yes! But I also learnt about the English culture (punting,Ceilidh,…) and a lot of cultures from all over the world. Thank you for this challenging and exciting experience.
Nathalie Schmitz

Luxembourg, Young Doctors' Academy

Picking one memory for the whole summer school is probably the hardest thing I have and ever will have to do. This was the best two weeks of my life so far ;-).
Shreya Pattni

British, English Literature Academy

Oxford Scholastica Academy has truly and sincerely helped me in understanding more about the career I wish to pursue. Along with all the fun activities and the amazing people, it really was one of the best summers of my life.
Ghadi Haddad

Lebanon, Law

This really was the best summer of my life. The Young Doctors’ Academy ended my doubts about whether I should become a doctor or not. Our tutor was incredibly inspirational and I wish this course could go on for years!
Catarina António

Portugal, Young Doctors' Academy

Parent Feedback 2018

Here's what the parents thought of Oxford Scholastica 2018:


of parents would recommend Oxford Scholastica to a friend


were "very happy" or "happy" they sent their child to OSA


"strongly agreed" or "agreed" that OSA looked after their child really well

It just surpassed our expectations in every way – pre-attendance organisation, facilities, high level of the programme, challenging course, interesting and diverse attendees from all around the world, dedicated creative teachers, great balance of time working and time for personal endeavors and friend making, supportive staff teamwork oriented, family-like atmosphere, caring and nurturing environment, academically and personally challenging, true college campus experience…in short, just exceeded all expectations.
Bill & Tanya Mateo


Thank you very much for your time and consideration, it was an excellent experience for Arantxa, she has reaffirmed her desire to become a Doctor and this makes me very proud and happy. It has been an excellent experience as a parent seeing how she has managed to solve situations. She has grown up and is more independent. She has more friends and more perspectives of the world. I thank all the staff for taking care of her. You make her feel at home. Now she understands why England is part of my heart, English people are friendly, truthful and genuine and you value our traditions and friendship.


Our daughter’s experience at the Oxford Scholastica Academy was a more valuable opportunity than we could have ever imagined. Not only did she receive personalized, detailed instruction and feedback in her courses, but she had a great deal of time to create memories and develop friendships with other students from around the world. We live in a small rural community in the United States, and we are so grateful that she received not only an incredible academic experience, but life experience that will be part of her forever as well.
Michele Catten

United States

Our son Makonnen Christian was part of the Creative Writing program. We are enormously pleased with his clear intellectual maturation over the few weeks of that program and the impetus given to his creative flair in the literary arts. He learnt much by his time at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, made friends and enjoyed the Oxford and London ambiance to which he was exposed. He was particularly taken with the rendition of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar which he was privileged to watch on a trip to London. Jamie, Sophie, Kit and the staff were all very kind to him, from what he told us. We are very pleased that he chose Oxford Scholastica and we will certainly recommend it to others.
Gabriel Christian

United States

The Academy exposed my daughter to a whole set of experiences, academic, social, cultural and historical that she would not otherwise have had. The program maintained a great balance between learning and having fun, it was a really positive experience.
Meg Hooton


Registering for the Oxford Scholastica Academy was the best decision we took in summer 2014. It was everything and 100 times more than what we expected in all aspects. My child had the quote “most amazing time of my life”. Thank you again to the whole team at the Academy.
Sevim Hummadi


My son enjoyed every minute of his time at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, the only down side was that it had to come to an end. The course was hugely beneficial and all of the team were amazing at taking care of the students. Thank you so much.
Carole Lawlor


Gabriela’s experience at the Oxford Scholastica Academy was an investment in knowledge that will pay the best interest. She came back very motivated towards her academic years ahead.
Jose Cotello


It was a great success for my daughter, the best summer activity she ever partook in, well done!
Stella Horan


A well rounded, motivational summer course that not only increases exposure but also helps build self confidence in a child to help future decisions about subjects and college.
Afreen Shiraz


We were very pleased with the program, and believe that it actually provided more opportunities for students than we originally thought. It’s a program that gives them more than a body of knowledge; it gives them a vision. That is empowering!
Janice Bloom