Oxford English Summer Course

Are you hoping to study at an English-speaking school or university one day? Or do you want to boost your English language levels in one of the most historic cities in England? By taking our intensive English language classes and living with native and fluent English speakers you will build your confidence and improve your English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Improve your English in Oxford

Welcome to our Oxford English Summer Course. Our intensive two-week language courses for 12-14 and 15-18-year-olds will boost your confidence in interacting with native speakers and prepare you for an English-speaking education or career.

There is no better place to study English than Oxford! Oxford is home to the most famous university in the world, and the city which inspired the writing of Alice in Wonderland, Narnia and Harry Potter. Immerse yourself in learning English this summer in Oxford with fellow international students from around the world.

Classes cover a large range of topics that are very important when living and learning abroad. You will participate in 42 hours of academic teaching (average of 21 hrs per week), including morning classes, afternoon workshops and a Challenge day. There will also be time for group-work, self-study and cultural activities.

This course will help you to:

  • Improve your English language skills fast
  • Boost your confidence
  • Experience and taste British culture
  • Improve your communication skills and become more fluent
  • Increase your motivation to succeed

Our experienced tutors will inspire you to love language learning, give you tailored support on areas to practise, and motivate you to improve as much as possible. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready for an exciting academic future using English language at school, university, and beyond!

The Oxford English Summer Course will enhance your academic skills for the classroom, as well as your ability to make friends with other English speakers, so that you can thrive in your next English-speaking academic adventure!

This course is perfect for you if:


  • You’re going to study at a high school in the UK or the US
  • You will soon be attending an international school which teaches in English
  • You are considering applying to English speaking universities, here in the UK or abroad
  • English will be beneficial in your future career
  • You want to make friends with English speakers, in school, at university or on your travels

Through lots of fun activities, games, and real-life practice with native and fluent English speakers, you will improve your technical abilities in:


  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation

We have courses available for:

12-14 year olds
Sunday 21st July-Saturday 3rd August
Sunday 28th July-Saturday 10th August

15-18 year olds
Sunday 28th July-Saturday 10th August

Entry Requirements

Aged 12-14 or 15-18

We tailor classes to meet the different needs of age groups.

Minimum B1 Level of English

If you are not sure what level you are, we recommend you take this quick British Council level test.

Keen to Learn

Our courses are interactive and involve lots of class participation.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our entry requirements.

Our Learning Philosophy

We want to help you discover whether studying in English is right for you, and support you to enjoy your future English education. But we don’t think you can just learn languages from a textbook. As a student on our Oxford English Summer Course you will:


What skills do I need to communicate with friends & teachers?

Discover how to read, write, listen and speak properly about interesting academic and personal topics. Feel confident making friends and learning in the English education system.



What is it like to study at a British university?

Meet our Hero – a university student in the UK! You can ask them questions, and see how they have integrated into life at a British university.


How do I make progress and grow in confidence?

You will practise the language you have learned in regular workshops, as well as your Challenge, where you will work together to ask locals their opinions about a topic and present your findings to a panel of native speakers.


My 14 year old daughter went all by herself and the experience lived up to her high expectations. The staff were friendly and caring. Also, she learned a lot, improved her English, and made tons of new friends from around the world. She is looking forward to going again next year!
Julia, Argentina

Course Content

Students on our Oxford English Summer Course participate in 42 hours of academic teaching (average of 21 hrs per week). This includes morning classes, afternoon workshops, and a Challenge day, structured around the topics below. You will also “Meet the Hero” in a Lecture and Q&A session with an international student at a British university, so you can learn more about their experiences studying in the UK.

In addition to academic time, you will go on two cultural trips to Windsor Castle and Blenheim Palace, and enjoy a wide range of fun evening & weekend activities with native and fluent students on our other courses.

Academic Reading & Writing Skills

Develop your academic skills by practising how to read and write academic essays, journals and articles.

Academic Listening & Speaking

Improve your academic abilities even further by giving academic presentations in English and hearing your peers present their ideas.

Career Goals

Think about and explain your dreams for the future. What career interests you, and what would you like to do for work?

British History & Culture

Learn all about the fascinating history and unique culture of the UK, now and in the past, and enjoy the many cultural experiences available here in Oxford.

Making Friends

Learn how to make friends abroad by talking about your current hobbies, asking about other people’s interests, and making plans.

Favourite Subjects

Discuss which subjects you have liked and disliked in school, now and in the past. Explain to your teachers why you want to study your favourite subject now.

Living Independently

Know how to explain your typical work and leisure routine, and prepare for life away from home.

Home for the Holidays

Learn how to talk about your future plans for the holidays. Describe where you will travel to, and the friends and family you will see.

Speak to locals and present your findings! Ready for the Challenge?


In the English Language Challenge, you’ll put your language skills into practice.

Like you would in British school councils, university committees or in work teams, you will experience the challenges of finding out people’s opinions on a topic, and making suggestions for improvement!

Develop your confidence speaking English to natives as you:


  • Choose a topic that you are interested in and want to investigate.
  • Design questions to ask, and decide who you should talk to.
  • Interview people to understand their thoughts and beliefs about your topic.
  • Present your findings and ideas to a panel of native speakers, who will test your ideas in a Q&A.


Full Accreditation

We have been independently accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as a short course provider for Independent Further and Higher Education. The BAC have assessed our teaching quality, pastoral care, and overall standards.

Graduation Certificates

On completion of the course, you’ll be awarded your Oxford Scholastica Academy Graduation Certificate at our Graduation Ceremony.

This is held on the final afternoon of the summer course, at the impressive Saïd Business School which we hire for the evening.

Parents are very welcome to attend, and the ceremony is followed by dinner.

Make friends from around the world

We welcome students of all nationalities, so you'll make friends with students who have come to us from countries and cultures all over the world. We also make sure you can all stay connected as part of our OSA Alumni community after the Summer too! In past years, these countries have included:

Preparing for the course!


To help you prepare for joining us in the summer, both Photis and Izzy from our Community Team will be in touch to answer any questions and send you some helpful material you might want to look at before you come along. Like all of our core team, they'll both be on-site over the summer getting involved and joining in the fun.

We also organise group welcome calls before the course where you can meet Izzy face-to-face, and start to get to know some of the other students who will be your classmates!



Dates and Prices

2 weeks5th to 18th July 2020£4,795Book
2 weeks19th July to 1st August 2020£4,795Book
2 weeks2nd to 15th August 2020£4,795Book
4 weeks5th July to 1st August 2020£9,290Book
4 weeks19th July to 15th August 2020£9,290Book

Recommended by Students & Parents

"It was an amazing adventure for Zayyan. He learned business basics like branding, business growth and management theory, which has been crucial to his aspiring business career. It has motivated him to pursue higher degrees in Business from the best schools and start his own company and make it successful. This is in addition to a great deal of time to create memories and develop friendships with other students from around the world. We really appreciate the instant communications with the staff. In brief, it exceeded our expectations!"

Suzanne Takieddine USA

"Oxford Scholastica was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was I very well looked after, with all members of staff being nurturing and responsible, but during these 2 weeks I was able to meet absolutely amazing people from all over the world. In addition, the course I took was informative and entertaining. Class sizes were small enough to get plenty of feedback from our tutor, but large enough to be able to have engaging, interesting discussions on the topic of economics and the business world. The academy had a perfect balance of social activities and academics and I would no doubt recommend it to anyone who is looking for the most memorable summer of his/her life."

Rachel Scharff-Hansen Switzerland

"I could not have entrusted my daughter to a better course. The calibre of teaching, pastoral care, experiences and other students on the course was excellent. I researched many summer schools before deciding on this one and I loved that I could speak to the course leaders directly rather than to marketing staff of a large company who had never been to the location and had no direct knowledge of course content."

Rachel L USA

Not just for Summer...

We're often told that the two or four weeks spent with us at OSA are the best summer breaks our students have ever had, but we are passionate about continuing to support our alumni after those two weeks are over, and well into their futures.

That's why we've set up the OSA Foundation, OSA Inspires, and OSA Mentors — to help you stay connected to our network of incredible young people from around the world and get the support to need to make your future ambitions a reality.

Did you know that OSA alumni go on to change the world, in a whole variety of ways?

As part of our on-going commitment to helping our students be incredible citizens of the world, we set up the OSA Foundation to help them, by offering them a chance for continued advice, publicity, and funding for the ventures they go on to pursue.

By joining us this summer you'll be eligible for this funding and support for any future social impact project you set up or are involved with!

OSA Mentors is an ongoing programme of weekly coaching for any of our alumni who wish to be further supported by OSA after their course. Students are matched with one of our team and will have Skype mentoring sessions on a regular basis.

OSA Mentors is designed to give students greater:


  • Confidence about their skills, knowledge, and potential
  • Awareness of the possibilities and opportunities they could go on to achieve, broadening their horizons
  • Clarity about exactly which university, course, and career path to choose
  • Ambition to stretch and challenge themselves, setting goals which take them out of their comfort zone
  • Motivation to succeed

OSA Inspires is an online resource hub which aims to give students greater clarity over their potential future choices.


  • Discover how your interests and skills could lead you to amazing jobs you never knew existed
  • Think about how we can prepare for a quickly changing job market in the future
  • Explore what real life studying a subject is like with personal accounts from students across the world
  • Hear from professionals in a huge variety of industries to find out if their job sounds like a good fit for you
  • Get the tools and information you need to apply to follow your dreams

Ready to kickstart your future?