Oxford Summer Courses

At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, we offer a range of summer courses for teenagers aged 12-14, and young adults aged 15-18. We offer both two and four-week courses throughout July and August.

Based in the famous university city of Oxford, our summer courses aim to provide students from countries around the world with the opportunity to explore the subjects they think they might want to study further at university, and help them discover their future career.

We aim to balance important academic advancement with a range of cultural activities, day trips and unique experiences. Students study on the Oxford University campus, and are taught by outstanding tutors, many of whom teach at leading UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

We believe learning should be interactive and fun. So, with all of our summer courses, we approach teaching differently. As a student on one of our courses you will:


Take part in our small-sized classes and expert-led masterclasses.


Be inspired by our heroes; young people at the beginning of their careers related to your course.


Apply what you’ve learnt on the summer course in our intensive, practical and fun challenges.

Oxford Summer Courses for Teenagers Aged 12-14

For younger teenagers aged 12-14, we offer a range of “Discover” courses. These can take place over a two or four-week period and are aimed at helping students better understand a field of study and career path.

Discover Business Academy

Want to know what life as a business person and entrepreneur is really like? Our Discover Business Academy is a summer course aimed at providing students with a better understanding of how businesses really work. We’ll explore the roles of marketing and social media, as well as cover basic economics, corporate law, leadership, management and public speaking.

Discover Medicine Academy

If you’re interested in studying medicine at university and thinking of becoming a doctor, then our Discover Medicine summer course is a perfect fit. The course is both educational and hands-on – you’ll practise looking at X-rays, discuss real clinical cases, and learn about recent and future advances in medical techniques and research.

Discover Technology Academy

Are you fascinated by rockets and robots? Do you love playing with computers, science and technology?  If the answer is yes, then our Discover Technology Academy might be the perfect summer course for you. You’ll learn how websites are built using different coding languages, design a rocket using practical applications of maths and physics, and build your own hydraulics system.

Discover Writing Academy

Our Discover Writing Academy is perfect if you love writing and creating stories, and want to know how you can develop these skills to build a career. You’ll learn about different genres of creative writing, and how to develop ideas and characters. We’ll explore how to adapt writing for stage and screen, as well as focus on developing the skills needed for journalism, reporting and blogging.

Oxford Summer Courses for Young Adults Aged 15-18

For older teenagers and young adults aged 15-18, we offer a range of “Experience” summer courses that delve a little deeper into each discipline and subject. We focus on practical application, balanced with real-world theory, to help students try out some of the key aspects of the careers they want to pursue. These courses are split into three faculties; Arts, Sciences and Literature.

Arts Summer Courses

Experience Business & Enterprise Academy

Our Experience Business & Enterprise Academy aims to bring business, economics and management to life to help you better understand which field you’d like to develop in. We’ll explore the different types of businesses, discover different economic models, learn about game theory and financial markets, as well as how management theories enhance business. Oh, and don’t forget our exciting hands-on challenge where you’ll put your new-found theories and skills to the test!

Experience Debate & Public Speaking Academy

If you’re interested in a career in the fields of politics, international relations, law or global economics, then public speaking and debating are going to be essential skills to have. Our Experience Debate and Public Speaking Academy will help you to develop confidence, learn persuasive techniques, and practise the art of rebuttal. You’ll learn what made famous historical speeches so powerful, and put your skills to the test in our international diplomacy challenge.

Experience International Relations, Politics & Leadership Academy

Our Experience International Relations, Politics & Leadership Academy is a summer course that aims to help students better understand the importance of leadership in the contexts of world politics, international relations, business and philosophy. We’ll explore historical and international case-studies of leadership in action and how it’s created significant change. You’ll also put your new-found diplomatic leadership skills to the test in our United Nations challenge.

Experience Law Academy

Are you considering law as a career path? With so many different areas of law, it’s a fascinating subject to explore! Our Law summer course will give you a strong understanding of the legal system and we’ll explore human rights law, international law, corporate law and criminal law. You’ll also put your new found understanding into practice with a mock trial!

Science Summer Courses

Experience Computer Science Academy

If you’re fascinated by computers and information technology, and are thinking of pursuing your studies in this field, then our Experience Computer Science Academy might be a perfect fit! You’ll learn about the development of the computing throughout history and explore the future of Artificial Intelligence. You’ll also get to grips with different programming languages, and put your skills to the test in the application of web design.

Experience Engineering Academy

If you love understanding how things work, and exploring individual components of machines and structures, then there’s a good chance you might be considering engineering as a career path. On our Experience Engineering Academy you can develop your interest further as you will explore the differences between mechanical, civil and electrical engineering and will get to build your very own engine.

Experience Medicine Academy

Curious to explore the field of medicine and what it’s really like to be a doctor? Our Experience Medicine Academy is a summer course designed to give students a deeper understanding of different specialties and medical ethics. You’ll also get hands-on experience with both clinical tasks and doctor-patient communication skills, which will help you decide if medicine could be the course for you one day.

Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy

Fascinated about the human mind, thought and behaviour? If you’re thinking you might want to study psychology in further education, our Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy will give you a great head start. You’ll learn how to define and measure personality, explore the connection between language and thought, and start to better understand social psychology and human interaction. You’ll also learn practical research skills.

Literature Summer Courses

Experience Creative Writing Academy

Where better than Oxford to hone your skills in creative writing? Be inspired by the same city that was home to Tolkien, Lewis Carroll and Philip Pullman. On our Experience Creative Writing summer course you’ll explore different genres and plot-types, learn about the importance of dialogue, and practice different techniques to hone your skills and ensure writing becomes a part of your daily routine.

Oxford Summer Courses for Students Aged 15-18

For students who are certain which subject they want to apply to university for, and are keen to prepare for their university studies, we offer our “Prepare” courses. The courses are designed to give you experience of what studying your subject at university-level entails. The courses will help you to narrow down which courses and types of university would suit you best, enhance your knowledge of the subject, learn more about the application process and be motivated to fulfil your potential in your university applications.

Business Preparation Academy

Is a business course at university in your sights? Our Business & Management Preparation Academy will help you navigate the many degree options available, and guide you through the application process. Through university-level experience and your own consultancy project, you’ll advance your business acumen and be ready to study the course at university.

Engineering Preparation Academy

Are you planning to study Engineering at university? The Engineering Preparation Academy will clarify which engineering course would be best for you, and how you can prepare effectively for your university studies. You’ll complete realistic university projects which will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to pursue an engineering degree.

Law Preparation Academy

Have you decided that Law at university is the path for you? Our Law Preparation Academy will guide you through the process of applying to study university-level Law. You’ll have exciting and challenging practical experiences that will enhance your legal skills and help you prepare to live as a law school student.

Medicine Preparation Academy

Have you decided that you want study Medicine at university? Our Medicine Preparation Academy will help you understand how the application process works and determine which medicine course to apply to. You’ll gain insight into life as a university medical student, from pre-clinical knowledge to mock-clinical examinations. All this will improve your grasp of medical issues and prepare you to apply for and study medicine at university.

English Language Courses for Students Aged 12-14 and 15-18

Would you like to improve your English while exploring one of the UK’s most beautiful and historic cities? Our Oxford English Summer Course for 12-14 or 15-18 year olds gives you an immersive opportunity to enhance your skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening English. You’ll take interactive classes and workshops on conversational and academic English. By the end of the course, you will feel inspired and prepared to study in an English speaking school or university.