Today was Challenge day! The Computer Science and Enterprise cohort combined to make their own mobile phone app with associated business plans. The winning design, ‘Expedited’, featured a dazzling pitch and thoughtful branding which impressed the judges. The Young Doctors travelled to a local hospital to engage in a Mock Clinic Challenge, where they interviewed real-life patients, while the Creative Writing students pulled together an entire book series from scratch. Our Engineering students designed and built their first bridge, and the Debate & Public Speaking and the Leadership students combined to hold a Model United Nations. Our Law students embarked on a mock trial at Oxford Crown Court, while the Psychology students worked on a research project. The evening was dominated by the OSA Quiz, where students were tested on their knowledge of topics from World History to their very own Activities Coordinators. Thais, Tsintsin, Flo, Leo and Daniel took out the night, narrowly beating Rohma, Paola, Lana and Luc from St Georges. The night ended with a movie night, and several students were heard in the following days humming bars from Pitch Perfect.