The morning began with everyone heading out to classes, getting in some last minute preparation for their challenges in the afternoon. After some free time to complete their work our students then went to their various locations around Oxford for the opportunity to put what they’d learnt during the week into practice!

The Young Lawyers went to the Town Hall Court Rooms where they took part in a mock trial discussing human rights and war crimes through the use of child soldiers, very engaging topics. The Engineering students had the opportunity to meet a hero, a young professional who sought to inspire them about the future of computer science in engineering, having been involved in start-ups in 3d printing, blockchain and AI.

The Discover Technology and Discover Business class brought their talents together to design and create a model rocket which they then tested to new heights! It’s safe to say the future of space enterprise is in very safe hands!

Elsewhere the Psychology Academy designed their own experiment and hypothesis. One exciting topic was on people’s perception of introversion and extraversion, one that was found to be fascinating by all involved. These were then tested and the preliminary results showed that these perceptions are often inflated, an intriguing answer to this very challenging question! Finally Young Doctors developed their skills by interviewing patients at the local hospital with a wide range of medical symptoms, taking down their medical history and presenting their findings to the class. The whole experience provided incredible insight into the day to day life of a real life doctor.

Once the challenges had come to an end it was time for everyone to return to their accommodation and prepare for the formal dinner at Somerville College, an amazing evening of conversation, great food and even better company!