OSA Olympics Team

Friday brought cooler temperatures and much needed rain to Oxford. Following lunch students attended the Careers or the University Masterclass in order to learn more about the university or job application process and how to stand out from the crowd.


Everyone fuelled up on pizza during dinner before heading out to Botley Park to compete in the much anticipated Oxford Scholastica Olympics. Much like the real Olympics, there was fierce international competition and impressive athleticism on display.

Masterclass Susanna

The crowd’s favourite events were the Three-legged Race, Ultimate Frisbee, and the Egg Toss. Muhammad Yaseen had some trouble with the Egg Toss, forgetting the fragility of his charge and crushing his egg in between his palms much to the amusement of his teammates.

Oxford Olympics

Youssef won the award for being the most honest player in the Oxford Scholastica Olympics, as he restarted at least a dozen of times during the Hot Lava after eliminating himself due to missteps on the grass/lava.

3 Leg Race

It is still unclear who the overall winners of the Olympics are, as some results are still undergoing an extensive appeal process, but it’s very clear that everyone had a great evening.