Oxford Fun

The second full day of the summer school was more relaxed, with our students settling into their new routines of classes and independent study time with their new friends. The Engineering course had their first introduction to aerodynamics, where the students learned more about lift and drag and Bermoulli’s equation that states the relation between velocity, density and pressure.


In the afternoon, they attended the first of our Masterclasses – the Resilience Masterclass, run by Oxford medical students. Our students learned a variety of problem-solving techniques, aimed at helping them to overcome stress and relieve tension. A mindfulness exercise aimed at clearing the mind was a favourite with our students: they were instructed to focus all their senses on a single raisin in order to appreciate its colour, texture, smell and sound, and eliminate all distractions in their brains.

Students in Oxford

Students ate dinner in restaurants around Oxford, and met again after dinner to watch an adaptation for the stage of Jane Austen’s Emma, which was performed in St Mary’s Church. The play is based on a classic English novel that tells the story of a matchmaker’s troubles in love. It was much enjoyed by all, but especially numerous Jane Austen fans at OSA, and everyone was ready for an early night when we got back to our houses.