A sunny Wednesday afternoon was the perfect time for the students trying their hand at punting for the first time. After a morning filled with classes and private study time, everyone was ready to learn how to punt at the Cherwell Boathouse with sunglasses and sunscreen in hand.

Everyone boarded their punts and a few students volunteered to be the punters and steer the punt. There was a quick learning curve, as some punts kept bumping into other boats or the shore, but after a few minutes most punters were swiftly moving along the river.

Kirill was quickly crowned the punting king, as he not only steered the punt quickly and gracefully, but also helped 5 of the punts to dock back at the Cherwell Boathouse at the end of the outing. Henry was applauded for his resilience, as his punt got badly stuck behind a branch on the shore, but he persevered and eventually freed the punt.

Following the punting, we all headed to University Parks to enjoy a picnic dinner and games. An intense game of Ultimate Frisbee followed dinner with students from both houses competing fiercely.  Other students decided to play football or relax and chat on the grass. Following a busy but exciting day, everyone was happy to head home and get some rest before Thursday’s trip to London.