Today started with the second edition of our running club. A number of students are making an effort to keep fit in order to practice for their sporting endeavours or just for the exercise.

Oxford Scholastica punting

After a morning of lessons and independent study, we all went punting. Punting is a long held Oxford tradition of travelling down a river with a long pole and a paddle; many students found that it is harder than it looks!



Dagmar turned out to be an expert on the water, clearly experienced in water activities, whilst Will, Jacques and Galina supported. Sinan N had a rocky start, but soon demonstrated great proficiency and skill, ably helped by Alicia – while Victoria and Aline enjoyed paddling!



After this we all went down to the Oxford University Parks for a picnic prepared by Sophie, where we also saw our first glimpse of the exciting football talent we have at the Academy. Alex and Julian combined to make formidable strike partnership, fed by the creative input of Jacques, and Maya gave a resolute performance in the defence. We also saw a virtuoso performance from Kent and Svaraj at wing back. The last goal wins rule takes no prisoners, which allowed for Praveen to score a spectacular winning goal.



We finished the day with optional activities. On the eve of our trip to the world famous Globe theatre, our resident Shakespeare expert and budding actor Henry briefed our students on the play they would be watching with a short workshop. The rest of the students settled down to watch the World Cup. Alicia fully immersed herself in the football spirit by painting her face in her national colours (the orange of the Netherlands), and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ending even though Holland did not quite make it through.