Wednesday dawned with fairly ominous clouds in the sky and the Hero session for our law students. After classes and study, we headed off for one of the highlights of the summer school, punting on the River Cherwell which runs through Oxford. Punting, for those not familiar, involves using a long metal pole to propel a long thin boat upriver and is a favourite Oxford pastime on sunny days. It also involves a serious learning curve, typically informed by unhelpful advice from shipmates and directed by the banks and riverside brushes. The group quickly reached a good level of mastery and happily punted up and down the river with no one ending up overboard. From the Cherwell Boathouse we walked to University Parks to have a picnic and indulge in sport. The ominous clouds returned to rain out the picnickers, resulting in a return to the accommodation. Some staunch footballers stayed behind to play out the fixture, with some seriously silky skills boding well for the football tournament on Sunday. Everyone then had free time in the accommodation to relax and chat before bedtime.